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  1. Wait Demoux introduced colds? Is that a WoB?
  2. Oh, I see. My apolgies. I mixed them up. Yes, we really need a look at that scene. It will be several hours before I can look at it, so if anyone has it on hand, that would be helpful.
  3. I see a lot of parallels between Vin and the Heralds. Vin was assisted by a shard that was handicapped keeping another trapped. Pre-Aharateim (probably mangled the spelling) Heralds are assisted by Honor, who is keeping Odium trapped! The main basis of my argument this entire time has been that Heralds have a whole lot more investiture going on inside of them than Rashek. Stormlight is powerful and easily accesible, which is why Vasher goes to Roshar. Also, I'd suspect that Heralds have a lot of investiture going on (they do get killed and ressurected repeteadly, and that obviously takes a good amount of investiture). I think it would make more sense if both investitures interfered with eachother, but I don't have enough evidence to prove either way. About the larkins- I don't think Nale can just pick up a larkin in the store. They are incredibly rare. Nale probably had that larkin for a long time, and either had to got one recently from a Reshi greatshell (or some other method), which I doubt, or have one from before. I think it would be very sensible for a Herald to carry a larkin. As they eat investiture, they could be very useful as a weapon against voidbringers. Darts are slower than bullets, yes, but Taln catches one without any stormlight. We don't even know if the dart is his top non-stormlight capacity. Even if it is, with stormlight, he's a lot faster. Yes, I guess unlimited was incorrect. But still, that gets rid of the run-out-of-stormlight risk. I'm not sure where you're getting next to nothing about cohesion. While I don't think we know it's full capacity, both Kaladin and Szeth use it. Szeth glues a door to it's frame, and I believe that, when training in the chasm, Kaladin sweeps his leg across the ground and creates a sticky patch that one of the bridgemen gets trapped in. As I said above, he probably had a larkin beforehand. I don't have WoR on me right now- I will check when I get home- but I think the Larkin abosorbed Lift's stormlight really fast (almost instantly). In fact, it just occurs to me that Lift and a larkin are like opposites. Lift turns food into stormlight, and a larkin uses stormlight for food. The filling of the larkin is a good point. I doubt Rashek would realize immediatly that the larkin was draining or come up with that idea, though F-Zinc might help him realize. However, if it's almost instant as I said, that wouldn't be a problem.
  4. Atium only shows you other's futures. Electrum could be used but it throws out hundreds of shadows and would be very difficult to use. A mass illusion would take a lot, yes, so they probably shouldn't throw out hundreds. Ten or so would work just as well though. Waiting out is possible, but I don't think Rashek is the kind of person who would do that. He is arrogant (for good reason) and would probably attack. If they fight, there are ways a Herald could win. I'm not saying it's 100% in favor of the Heralds, but they have a decent chance. Harder than a rock isn't neccesarily "very hard." A rock might just be very easy to soulcast. Again, Jasnah soulcasts four people. Vin pushes (maybe pulls? I forget) on Rashek's bracers with only a little bit of mist. IIRC, Stormlight is the gaseous manifestation of Honor, as mist is of Preservation. We're assuming that the Elsecaller/Soulcasting Herald has a bunch of spheres and stormlight with them. Okay, chromium probably does take other forms of Investiture. And according to that, Rashek probably has it. However, Heralds have larkins: This could probably take Rashek's investiture or maybe even the investiture out of his metalminds. That would be seriously crippling. Constantly tapping F-atium is a good point. However, I think it would be more crippling for Rashek than helpful. Investiture interferes with investiture, and throwing a bunch of Stormlight at him might cancel out the atium for a second. In that case, he would age incredibly and die. To the speed question: Heralds are fast. As I said before, Talenel manages to catch a dart without any stormlight. We know that stormlight enhances, perfects. He won't be as fast as Rashek, but he's going to be fast. Really fast. And if @Spoolofwhool is right, and the Herald has unlimited stormlight, then, he's going to be even faster and stronger. Add this to other surgebinding powers and they're really powerful. Cohesion, for example would hurt him. I think that the right Herald could beat Rashek, and that all ten would easily destroy him.
  5. I meant Stormlight in the form of spheres. I don't really see the Heralds as the type to wear jewelry, but stormlight could heal a belt buckle through the stomach. Copper resists emotional allomancy, and may resist other forms of investiture, but I think it resists coginitve effects. Stormlight might not enhance a regular person enough, though we've only seen three-oaths-level stormlight. Talenel, however, catches a blowdart without any stormlight. I'm not sure of the speed of a blowdart, but I'd imagine it's pretty fast. Again, he catches this without stormlight. Imagine him with stormlight! He is moving fast. Not as fast as Rashek perhaps, but he has a Shardblade and surgebinding. Atium would be a problem, but it has limits. If they go in without knowledge of eachother's powers, Rashek would not see the risks of touching a gravitation Herald. He wouldn't see the patch of glowing ground as a threat (cohesion). Atium wouldn't show him that the boulder flying at him is fake, or tell him which of the thousands of people surrounding him is real, or let him see through the blackness that has suddenly surrounding him (Illumination) That WoB doesn't say that soulcasting an ordinary person is very hard. If there is one that says that please post it. Again, Jasnah soulcasts four people, right in a row. I don't think she's sworn all five oaths anyway. According to that, only a Mistborn burning metal is harder. TLR is probably burning only pewter. He is heavily invested anyway, but Stormlight is easily accessible and powerful. That's why Vasher goes to Roshar. I think that, with enough Stormlight, you could soulcast him. Chromium- this may be a stupid question, but does Rashek even have Chromium? I'm not sure it had been discovered yet. I think that most forms of investiture are interchangable (i.e. stormlight substituting for Breath), so a larkin could probably take other forms as well. Yes, the pewter-enhanced punch again. Again, Heralds are fast, and two can fly. Another two could slide away at incredible speeds (though they would probably lose). Rashek wouldn't be sure which figure to hit when attacking someone with illumination. Two more could teleport away. Again, getting stuck to the ground wouldn't help him. And if I knew more about Division and Tension, I suspect those would be effective as well. Duralumin-enhanced emotional manipulation was not something I had considered. But, as you said, investiture interferes with investiture, and holding Stormlight would probably block or at least limit the effects. Even if it worked, I doubt it would do much. It would only go for a second (duralumin) and might confuse or disorient the Herald, but ultimately do little.
  6. Sorry, the capitalization tripped me up. I don't think that a thousand years of thinking that is that important. More obstructive would be the whole rest of the final empire thinking he was the Lord Ruler. However, I hold that stormlight could override it. Shallan's stick isn't a very good comparison either. The elsecaller idea was of an experineced elsecaller who had sworn all five oaths. Jasnah can soulast a person with realitve ease, for example. Clearly Shallan hadn't said enough truths, have enough stormlight, or was missing something else. Jeziren and Nale could lash him away. With enhanced reflexes and speed, this shouldn't be too difficult. He can run faster than they can fly, but if they're in the air, and he's on the ground, it's hard to hit them. I don't think the Heralds would go around without a huge reserve of spheres and stormlight. Healing- I meant sormlight healing, I think regrowth is mainly healing other people. Stormlight healing is very poweful- Kaladin stuffs the sould back into his arm. A thunderclast claw. Yes, that could kill a Herald, but Rashek coudln't really crush them with anything. I suspect a fabrial could heal them from anything short of crushing them, though as I type it, I realize that Rashek could push the fabrial away. Still, Stormlight healing is strong and Rashek doesn't actually have any really destructive offensive attacks. Pulling something- that's a possibility. What, though? It's unlikely that the Herald would get positioned exactly between a source of metal and Rashek. I see this battle invoving a lot of moving around quickly. A successful Ironpull attack would have to be planned and executed perfectly. The timing and acuraccy would be almost impossible to get right, even with superspeed. I think that this battle depends on the Herald. In my opinion, a Soulcasting Herald would win, a Gravity Herald would draw, an Edgedancer Herald would lose, and I can't really judge the ones whose surges we don't know a lot about.
  7. He sounded anxious. He was probably already fearing him. And right before Steelheart attacked him, he was definitely terrified. He didn't fear him while shooting Deathpoint, but when Steelheart turned on him, he was afraid. If I am wrong, a possibility for his real weakness is someone who believes that he is a good person or doing good. Steelheart probably thought that he was good, and so did David's dad.
  8. You're right, I had forgotten that about Hoid. I'm not sure about that "Heralds are known to be as killable as anyone else." They're not immortal, but Stormlight can heal from very dangerous wounds and Heralds likely have a multitude of incredible powers, due to the legends about them. Quoting from memory but "heal with a touch, destory cities," etc. Most of these probably come from fabrials, which are probably incrediby poweful (Nale heals Szeth from a shardblade would). Atium would hurt the Herald's chances, but Rashek doesn't really have that many abilites that could kill a Herald. Anything that Rashek could steelpush at a Herald wouldn't hurt them due to stormlight and fabrial healing. If he touched Jeziren or Nale he would get launched away, screaming. Undoubtebly he would recover, but it wouldn't be fun for him. Also Rashek can't fly (at least not at the speed a Surgebinder can), so if they were losing, they could just run away. It would probably fight to a standstill. He might beat other Heralds, like the Edgedancer one. As for the chromium, has it been confirmed that it can take other forms of investiture? If so, then I would suspect that a larkin can as well. Again, Jasnah sucessfully soulcasts the theives, so Stormlight can probably override that. Yes, but I doubt that TLR would tap all (or any) of his Identity at that moment. Good point about the metalminds, but if he's smoke, the metalminds aren't going to do much. Again, I think innate investiture could be overriden by enough stormlight.
  9. I did not mean that he wasn't incrediby poweful. (See: "While Rashek has massive amounts of incredible power"). I was simply saying that there were characters that would be good in a duel against him. I don't think that the innate investiture should be much of a problem. Forging, for example, needs a boost to change an object that is invested, but has no trouble (power-wise) changing a person. The extra boost that might be needed because of Rashek's innate investiture and status as a sliver would be easily countered by enough stormlight. Stormlight could probably also override the metalminds, but that woud probably require even more stormlight than Rashek himself. There is such a proliferation of easily accesible investiture on Roshar (which is why Vasher went there) that it would easiy override the innate investiture.
  10. I think you're both overestimating Rashek's power (or maybe everyone else's power compared to his). While Rashek has massive amounts of incredible power, other characters have great power, as well as trump cards. An elsecaller could (I think, we don't have too many details on the powers) simply go to Shadesmar and soulcast Rashek and his metalmids into smoke. I think a Herald would have a pretty decent shot, even without soulcasting. Hoid has investitures from lots of other planets. I think he would have a good chance of fighting Rashek, not just annoying him. We don't know the full extent of his allomantic and feruchemical powers (remember the lerasium), or most of his other powers for that matter.
  11. There is a thread discussing this here: I had a similar idea to yours but not nearly as well thought-out.
  12. As far as I know, Ruin didn't know how to splinter Preservation. It was simply the opposition of the powers, combined with Preservation having far less power than he did. He didn't survive the encounter, while Odium clearly survived all of his splinterings. Also, Odium isn't an oppisite to Dominon, Devotion, Ambition, and Honor. We can't compare Harmony to Adonalsium, because they were (probably) shattered differently.
  13. We're forgetting that Ruin and Preservation were shattered by a different method than Honor, Devotion, and Dominon. They only shattered because their powers were so perfectly opposite and reaced like matter and antimatter. Odium didn't do this with those three. As far as I'm aware, we're not sure which method Adonalsium was shattered by (or by a completely different method).
  14. We have seen Feruchemical abilities used to increase Allomantic abilites. For example, when increasing his weight, Wax can Push incredibly hard. I don't think that would fall under compounding though.
  15. I'm doing these not counting flashbacks, because that would be very, very hard, as you said. WOR spoilers:
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