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  1. Given that Skyward is definitely non-Cosmere now, it is not the Krell, but from what we have seen in regards to the follow up of SotD, it is either the Scadrians or the Rosharans. I was definitely Scadrian enclined until I read RoW...
  2. Anything which is set on Earth, or a version of it, like Rithmatist, Spensaverse, Legion etc is NON-Cosmere sadly. However, like the spot
  3. While I like your theory, I am sure there is a WoB somewhere which states that not all of the Shards had a direct counterpart, like Ruin and Preservation
  4. As per the information from the Coppermind (https://coppermind.net/wiki/Vax) "Nothing is known of Vax, its peoples, or any Shards that may or may not be located there. All that is certain is that it has a manifestation of Investiture in which people are Initiated differently than on Sel, Scadrial, Nalthis, or Taldain." Also, most importantly, and perhaps the most frustratingly for you, I guess: "Brandon refuses to say anything about Vax." Apparently "they're very interested in Vax, everybody's interested in Vax." (https://wob.coppermind.net/events/120-warsaw-signing/#e7738) Given that Leras would recognise Vax, I would assume it is most likely a Shardworld, possibly that they both came from
  5. So I have just backed the 'Mistborn Metal Dice' project on Kickstarter by Crafty Games - they ahve created the Mistborn RPGs and the Mistborn: House War tabletop game in the past... Therefore, anything which they produce, usually has high involvement from Brandon. In the description of the dice, the 20 of which all are based around a different Allomantic metal, it describes Harmonium as the following: (God, Internal, Pushing) - Unknown in the Classis Era, Harmonium replicates the effects of nearby Allomantic or Feruchemical metals DISCUSS!
  6. So how have you come up with this theory? Why base metals- especially when Ruin has Atium, and Preservation has Lerasium? Please- belittle me and explain this theory in more detail?
  7. Where is confirmation of a plasma storm in the cognitive realm for Sel? Did I miss something?
  8. Maybe Worldhopping is limited to a certain group- perhaps the 17th Shard and the various other organisations keep the knowledge secret for obvious reasons. FTL would be the quickest way for a group of people without magic of one kind or another to travel. Also, the main argument is- why not?
  9. It’s not Cosmere but ‘Bajad Drovja’ is a common one for me, along with ‘Frak’ and ‘Frell’ because I’m an all encompassing sci-fi and fantasy nerd!
  10. I believe the term used is ‘Yolish’, at least in regards to Lightweaving- pretty sure this is mentioned in either one of the Ars Arcana or in Arcanum Unbounded
  11. Well we know that pigs are a thing and that Hoid loves bacon, so it makes sense to have rabbits too!
  12. This is as exciting as when Peter gave us the name of Cephandrius Matroxi.
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