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  1. We have a Rowlett and a small Wobbuffet from the official online shop, but yeah, mostly. Unfortunately, the Charmander we found recently was... not great, so our quest for the first gen starters remains unfinished. We stuck googly eyes on the Ditto, it looks hilarious
  2. Hey look, it's my annual "log onto the Shard and see how many notifications I have" Both? Bit of both. Building up a collection of Pokemon plushies, but we (husband and I) only buy the ones that we like. Would be neat to get all 3 first gen starters but we've only found Bulbasaur so far.
  3. I recall speculation on an earlier chapter about the Mink being a (proto-)Edgedancer - this bit to me parallels quite nicely with his ability to sneak out of places unnoticed. I think it's likely there's something to this. The other bit that backs this up the best for me is when he stops the wind early in Oathbringer: Maybe this is just a creative use of early Shardplate, but he's not even close to swearing the 4th Ideal here.
  4. There may be something going on there, but most likely it's just a side effect/symptom of the depression and PTSD Three years after her much talked about debut in the Cosmere, she will finally gain relevance. This is exactly where my brain went too...
  5. I've been laid off for the second time since Covid hit; I have 3 weeks to find another job so we have enough money to finance our mortgage. I want to study some more to get on a career track I'm interested in, but we can't currently afford that, so I'm just trying to find a job that's tolerable for now. I'm still pretty young, I've got plenty of time to figure stuff out, but I'm just... confused, stressed, at a bit of a loose end, trying to find some sort of purpose. It sure has been a wild year, hasn't it? Anyway. *hugs* for anyone who wants them (and an open inbox if anyone wants to talk), and cat pictures!
  6. Only 4 months late, but yes, I know what my wedding dress looks like. And I no longer have it, I hired it, and then returned it afterwards. Thank you!!
  7. I took it twice, and got the same top 5 but in a different order - Edgedancer and Truthwatcher, followed by Windrunner and Bondsmith, followed by Lightweaver. I'm I*FJ. This is right on the money, I think, and why I was also surprised by getting a high result for Truthwatcher. I was surprised by Edgedancer as well, to be fair, but both make a lot of sense on reading the blurbs. I'm claiming Edgedancer for now
  8. Heck yeah! I remember hearing that now
  9. Any thoughts on which one? Taln and Ash are supposedly getting books in the back half so they're unlikely. Nale, maybe? A couple of things I'd like to see in Book 4: - Azure/Vivenna finding Vasher - More information on Ishar - Lift/Nightblood interaction - Rysn update
  10. I'm doing a 10 week internship in a chemistry lab. We didn't have the chemicals I needed for the project I was assigned when I started and had to order them from overseas, so I did 6 weeks of odd jobs around the lab. I've done 2 weeks of the project I was assigned now, and have very little to show for it. I think I've made 2 of the things we were hoping to make, but have yet to run a successful measurement on either of them because they're not soluble in anything and some of our machines are playing up. Yesterday morning I started a reaction that looked like it would be easy, and should have taken 4 or 5 hours. It's now 3.30pm on day 2, and I haven't managed to isolate the solid that should have precipitated out yesterday morning. I have to give a presentation next Friday and I haven't got any results to talk about yet, 8 weeks in to my project. Rant over, I'm just very frustrated right now.
  11. I found this guy on YouTube while looking for music to study to, his piano arrangements are pretty neat (The actual, recognisable song starts a couple minutes in, before that he's just playing around with chords)
  12. I haven't got any advice that hasn't already been said, but *hugs* for everyone.
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