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  1. I don't think Ishar is deliberately making physical bodies for the spren. I think its a consequence of the spren being brought through Ishars particular Perpendicularity. Its established that Dalinar and Ishars Perpendicularities are different from each other.
  2. I wonder if Honor 'gave' the Singers to Odium to bind him to Roshar.
  3. These are very cute, plushies are a must.
  4. Im now wondering if "Passion" has something to do with Odiums interaction with Ambition.
  5. The True Desolation hasn't started yet.
  6. I like this idea.. a Fused integrated with a Radiant Spren.. definitely would be wild.
  7. Shardplates are actually not of Honor perhaps.
  8. Obviously this is gonna be Sja-Anat. (Yes, I know its been noted that that is artistic license.)
  9. Probably our ten protagonists offering a rally cry to the masses of Roshar.
  10. I'm more inclined towards Kaladin learning music being helpful with controlling his Powers. Since we're leaning towards frequencies and vibrations with investiture experimentation.
  11. so the Highstorm expands as a ring from the Origin and then essentially recedes once it passes Urithiru?
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