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  1. goo.gl/DdKCh1 here is a one page short story I wrote in second person, so there are two versions, with pronouns changed for the gender of the reader. let me know what you think
  2. Could that symbol be the symbol of 17th shard? Brandon poking fun at us a bit?
  3. What about Amaram, members of kaladins squad, and the other captain who were all mentioned by name?
  4. Very interesting? Have you also considered looking into non nalthusian, or part nalthusian people returning?
  5. Could it also have been another of the storm father's siblings? Or maybe tanavast's shadow of self (like what fuzz was to leras?), or it could be someone we have yet to meet. The theory that it could have been hoid is not wothout merit
  6. The various races of humans in roshar have several odd traits. For example: Herdazian rock like fingernails, thaylen eyebrows, horn eater bones, aimian's abilities to change, the blue tinted skin of the people hoid told the story about, alethi hair, shin eyes, etc. Some nations dont have light eyes. I have two theories as to why this might be. The first is that soulcaster savants children might have modified genetic heritage. The second theory is that the decendants of different orders of radiant gained different traits. While on the honor spren ship, one of the honor spren said that until the fifth ideal, if kaladin died, syl would survive. Is it possible that the spren at the fifth ideal become interlinked more fully to the radiant to the point it changes genetic heritage? Is the body focus the thing changed by the spren bond? (I am aware that khriss believes the body focus to be a philosophical interpretation) Which spren could be associated with each race? I will make a spread sheet to help illustrate this,
  7. hoid, wayne, kelsier. probably end up in jokes about flatulence, but would still be funny
  8. Or an unknown shard, if trell is a shard. Or if trell is a shard, if trell is a single shard. How do we know what trell is? trell could be fain life for all we know. trell could also be several non shardic individuals, or a series of things happening that aren't all the same thing, but are related somehow.
  9. Do we even know trell is a shard? or that it is one shard?
  10. devotion and dominion would probably be unity (see the religions in Elantris for examples) cultivation + honor = guidance odium + ruin + dominion + endowment = @Brandon Sanderson (see alcatraz for a description of authors) Cultivation + dominion + odium = @PeterAhlstrom
  11. I dont think you would have to traverse the disance phisically. for example, in a video game your avatar is your "pysical" form, and its location is determined by code (sDNA). By editing your code, your avatar is suddenly somewhere else. He didn't travel through the code, he just teleported because his sDNA was altered.Now instead you select all the objects in a certain area, and switch the physical location variable with that of something else, and your teleporting platforms are achieved.
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