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  1. It has been previously stated that you had to use the powers enough that they started to mix inside of you. Some of the quotes imply that the powers need to be used frequently so that they begin to mix. It may not be directly tied to savantism, but the terms are often used together. It does appear that for the effect to manifest the powers must be used together frequently enough to begin merging. With allomancers you would need to burn metal or access metalminds. As you aren't passively encountering investiture. Radiants are often taking investiture into themselves often unaware of this happening. It is possible the abilities are fueling themselves without active usage enough to mix. This next statement isn't backed up by any fact, but it seems to me that Radiants use far more investiture than others which may mean the powers begin to merge faster. Edit: The powers may be merged in the sprens themselves.
  2. First I want to say this is interesting, and I am glad that you shared. However I don't think much of this is accurate. Now I think it is possible that there are connections between the two Cosmere fundamentals used and the resonances produced. That being said Wayne is not lightweaving. While there could be connection in the way two Cosmere fundamentals act when together they would not be identical or produce a new power. Two powers together create an effect. They would not produce another power like lightweaving. That being said even if this is true with the differing flavors of investiture you'd never get the exact resonance. Division while little is known does not in anyway produce steel bubbles. https://coppermind.net/wiki/Surgebinding#Division The basis of your idea may have some merit, but the conclusions you've drawn are clearly not correct. Resonance is the result of two powers becoming one in the individual. Only twinborn who use the powers to extreme currently gain a resonances. This may change as Brandon has mentioned that he doesn't like how savantism is working currently. It may be that all twinborn will have resonance. Right now they do not.
  3. We already know this to be the case. The Lord Ruler ascended. There are also splinters and Autonomy's avatars.
  4. I have no response. What you've said makes so little sense I cannot argue with it. Bearer of the first gem is directly stating it to be a literal gem. Gone dark shows this is a literal gem. There is no argument to be had here. The gem is a gem. Not a metaphorical gem. I don't even know how one bears a metaphorical gem.
  5. It is for sure a literal title. Bearer of the first gem is a very specific. It wouldn't make any sense to be metaphorical. He isn't metaphorically bearing the first gem. It is a specific item of importance that Hoid was tasked with. It is likely why Hoid was once called Topaz.
  6. Don't we know that the element is Lerasium? Or was that just the general assumption? All knowing WoB beings I summon thee.
  7. My guess is investiture saturation and sentient thought causes the cognitive realm in Roshar to be so realized that it is essentially its own place. On Roshar everything is seen as being alive because of spren thus the cognitive side becomes more alive because it is thought of as such. The cognitive realm is known to practically no one on Scadrial. Only a few very close objects are personified much at all. With the very little investiture the cognitive realm would match Scadrial nearly exactly with the exception that low populated areas would likely be reduced in the cognitive realm. We know Silverlight can study even planets without perpendicularities from the Cognitive realm. I believe this means that the less investiture the more similar the cognitive aspect is to the real planet. Roshar would be considered an oddball world because it is nearly impossible to study the planet via the Cognitive realm. I can't even imagine what it would look like from Sel. If my theory is correct transformation on planets without more realized cognitive realms should be easier and require less investiture as the object does not have as realized of a cognitive aspect.
  8. Pretty much this I doubt we can get any real information on this. It would be nice if we could get a WoB on it. My straight up baseless speculation is that it might imply Kenton assisted The Lord Ruler in some way. Just as he gave the families that assisted him houses he may have named a road in Luthadel to honor him. It also would draw possible connections to The Lord Ruler and Autonomy.
  9. When the north did burn, God gave it little concern, When the south proceeded to freeze, Sazed ignored their pleas, Harmony's morality is a growing concern.
  10. I tend to agree here. The cognitive realm will likely differ due to levels of investiture, perceptions of sentient creatures on the planet, the planet itself, and the shards present. It will share similar threads with differing flavors.
  11. I'm not saying he for sure was. The fact a road is name after him points to me that Kenton at the least visited Scadrial.
  12. I think the primary difference is the level of investiture. Everything is alive in Roshar's cognitive realm because their is so much loose investiture to soak up. On Scadrial there is very little loose investiture. Thing there are barely "alive". This makes the cognitive realm here very chill. I can only imagine what Sel is like. You have two dead shards and investiture everywhere. The planet itself is gaining sentience. The cognitive realm their is probably insane.
  13. To be fair. The Sword of Truth wasn't that great. By book 4 the main characters just gives 90% speeches about Randian libertarianism.
  14. Could very well be this. With everything going on in Scadrial with most likely Autonomy and Trell it would make sense if Kenton was at some point on Scadrial.
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