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    slaying dragons, kissing princesses, and grilling meat all on the same day.

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  1. It technically is not. But I did play that game and I enjoyed it very much
  2. Hands down oathbringer. Though i like pretty much everything he writes
  3. I'm sorry about the title I have very little self control. But I laugh every time I read that scene. Don't ban me plz Hello everyone, hi. I'm citadel. Formerly warriormark16. I've decided to introduce myself again due to the fact that last time I was on here the United States still had Barack Obama in office, so... Hi. I'm citadel. Brandon sanderson once told me that I made him feel old. I won a David metaphor competition on this site using this: I'm really into red hood for some reason. I would probs die for kaladin. I left a talking sword somewhere on this site, I wonder if he misses me. This isn't sanderson related but I ship kvothe and Devi. I'm a fanatic conservative clinging to his religion. JK I'm a tad bit liberal. Just a tad though. My favorite movie is the giver. My favorite video game is Destiny. Oathbringer was lit. I accidentally exited out of this and was ecstatic to see it saved. Any questions? Comments or concerns? I'll listen to them all. But if you're feeling hot inside and think you need to sue? Just go and read the disclaimer We're not liable to you
  4. "I would like to file a complaint. I know this is over the psa but whoever put chull dung in the mess hall stew we will find you and--" *Crash* a muffled voice says "how'd you get in here? Give me that!" "Hey I was saying something important--" Click
  5. So I'm trying to send my friend a book, signed and with a question answered from sanderson. Is there a particular way to ask or do I just ask the question in the personalization box?
  6. alright ill collab with blackhoof. does anyone find it a little bit funny that the writer for an ice epic has the fiery eye of Sauron as his profile pic? no? ok.
  7. if i remember you gave a notice. i disapeared without a trace. abducted by aliens or something i cant remember.
  8. hours earlier... Clouds roared beneath him, a white contrast to the red streak burning through the sky. He was alive. He was free. He was back. Ragnarok soared through the sky above Astoria, taking in the view, the vibrant skies, the crystal structures, that random dark spire in the sky, everything seemed better, in a way. Freedom would do that to a person. Deaccelerating, he touched down in a quiet neighborhood near that ice castle. there was something he hadnt noticed before, a giant ice arena of some sort. he wondered for a moment what he had missed. “Wow,” lizzy said. “That was subtle.” “I tend to be a show off,” Ragnarok said tightening one of his gloves. “In my free time.” he’d gotten a new set of clothes, and now had a good sized back pack. Lizzy snorted, “That will work here. Definitely. With that wonderful little entrance you made for yourself.” “It wasn’t that bad.” “You wrecked two buildings in less than three minutes.” she reminded him “you’re not exactly gonna be popular with the locals.” Ragnarok paused, “Maybe not all the locals” and with that he began walking towards the ice castle.
  9. hello everyone. just visiting briefly to let you all know that i haven't forgotten about my characters and to apologize for my unexcused absence. sorry for the unexcused absence. real life happened.
  10. well we have a red glowing telekinetic epic. a blue one would be fun. and theyre the same age... im not trying to pull copyright into it, im just saying. oh and a new post is up.
  11. Ragnarok woke and for the first time in a very long time he didn’t have a headache. The sensation was odd. He had lived with headaches since he was small. They had become like the noise made on the streets of a busy city, annoying and persistent and now it was as if the entire city had been emptied overnight while he slept, leaving him alone in his head. He arched his neck, trying to stretch the muscles in his neck. They were sore. “Well it’s good to see that you’re up and about.” A voice said behind him. “I was getting bored.” He spun and seized the person with his TK… or tried to. The person didn’t even flinch when he grabbed her. In fact, she was sitting in a camp chair with a book out and was reading. A look of disinterest across her face. She turned a page. He took a step back. What- no that wasn’t possible. He tried to grab her again. He felt the powers respond. He knew that they were working, but they didn’t seem to affect her. He stood there, arm outstretched and feeling slightly panicked. She must be some sort of canceler. How else did she withstand his Telekinetic pulls? “If you’re done trying to force choke me I think you have somewhere to be,” she said, turning a page. For some bizarre reason the thought occurred to him that she couldn’t possibly have read that entire page that quickly. “What- who are you?” he said. Raising some rocks off the ground. If he couldn’t hurt her with his TK directly maybe some well-placed rocks would- She sighed and closed her book. “Would you put those down, I’m fairly certain you couldn’t hurt me even if you tried landing a mountain on top of my head.” “I could try,” Ragnarok said. “Mn-hmn,” She said, “I’m sure you could. But let’s try not to waste this miraculous gift from heaven you have on smashing my face in, alright?” They waited in silence for a few moments, then Ragnarok released his TK allowing the heavy stones to fall to the ground. If anything, she had certainly made him curious “Who are you?” he demanded. “Just call me Lizzy.” She began walking towards him. Ragnarok frowned. There was something wrong with the way she walked. He couldn’t put a finger on it just yet though. “Lizzy.” He said. “That’s not much of a name for an epic.” “You’ll find that very little about me matches the tropes you see in other epics.” She said. She walked passed him. He followed her with his gaze. It was then that Ragnarok finally realized something. “You’re not real are you?” She spun on him. “What do you mean I’m not real? I’m standing right in front of you.” “You’re a hallucination aren’t you? I went crazy after the battle. And you are the aftermath of what happened.” “I- that’s preposterous.” Calamity. She was a terrible liar. Wait. What? “Yeah? Then explain to me why when you walk you don’t rustle the twigs and leaves on the ground or leave tracks in the dirt.” It was hard to pay attention to actually. His mind seemed to slide of certain details about her, such as the way she walked quietly. It was like trying to remember an elusive memory, only at the same time, not like that at all. “So what?” he said. His chest hurt from his fight with the other epics. He would likely need to stitch those cuts closed. “Can you read my mind? Or is it like that one guy in that book with all the smart illusions and then that other guy who shoots people using the insane guy’s arms?” “WH-what?” she said. “Or am I just schizophrenic?” Lizzy looked at him for a while. “Sparks,” she finally said. “You’re certainly mad, but I don’t think it’s in the way you think you are.” “A likely story,” He thought about it for a moment. How would Stormeggeddon react to her hitman going crazy? That line of thought raised another question. Why hadn’t Stormeggeddon contacted him? Usually after a failed catch of the day, she would contact him within minutes, or sometimes during, the fight with the other epics. And now she had been silent for a good… ten minutes? Hey Stormeggeddon, you worthless piece of slime, you in here?! he thought. Nothing. Something like that should’ve gotten him a reprimand instantaneously. Hmn… looks like I’m out of a job. Good. He had never like working for that Witch. Even when he had no idea about her mind control abilities. There was a breeze, and Ragnarok realized that he didn’t have most of a shirt on. “Well, since I guess were stuck together, I should probably take you with me to get supplies.” Ragnarok said to Lizzy. “What?” she said, “No, we need to go back to Astoria to—“ “Okay then. Its decided,” Ragnarok glided up into the air. “Race you there.” “Yet another ridiculous--,” Ragnarok sped off. Most epics saw shooting weapons as underneath them. It was a darn unfortunate fact. Guns were fun to shoot, and they looked cool. Yup. Never discount the way an assault rifle over your back makes the vanillas quiver. Harkness stood on a rooftop fingering the trigger of his Magistrate .60 caliber rifle. The rifle was a special project of his, decked out with Gravotonics, electron compression in the magazine, suppression, long range scope—which had its own library of perks--, remote firing, motion detection, and the added bonus of just looking plain LEGIT. It was a favored weapon in his life, something he’d been using ever since he became an epic. And he had its sights set on Ice steel keep. Time to see if patience yields results. He thought.
  12. ok so ive been waiting quite a while for the right time to feasibly reinsert my astorian characters... could i do that now? with ragnarok anyway?
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