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I'm sorry about the title I have very little self control. But I laugh every time I read that scene.

Don't ban me plz

Hello everyone, hi. I'm citadel. Formerly warriormark16. I've decided to introduce myself again due to the fact that last time I was on here the United States still had Barack Obama in office, so...


I'm citadel.

Brandon sanderson once told me that I made him feel old.

I won a David metaphor competition on this site using this:


I'm really into red hood for some reason. 

I would probs die for kaladin. 

I left a talking sword somewhere on this site, I wonder if he misses me.

This isn't sanderson related but I ship kvothe and Devi.

I'm a fanatic conservative clinging to his religion.

JK I'm a tad bit liberal. Just a tad though.

My favorite movie is the giver.

My favorite video game is Destiny.

Oathbringer was lit.

I accidentally exited out of this and was ecstatic to see it saved.

Any questions? Comments or concerns? I'll listen to them all.

But if you're feeling hot inside and think you need to sue? Just go and read the disclaimer

We're not liable to you :)


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