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  1. If it plays out anything like the comic, I'm predicting Cap'n Marvel and Adam Warlock come in to stomp his face. I'm hoping what they'll do with Loki is similar to his Young Avengers/Hel storyline where he will be constantly resurrected in a new body every time he dies
  2. Shhhhhh D, its only just started broadcasting over here
  3. Kind of is, but if you only just found the topic then I *think* it should be ok. I've actually been musing over this myself as after seeing teaser spoiler for the hulkbuster Avengers Infinity War set, I now want a bionicle-esque lego set based on the Hulkbuster style build....cause who doesn't love giant robots
  4. Interesting opinion, but I'll politely disagree I wouldn't say Oathbringer is the book I expected, as I can come up with any and all expectations I want when it comes to Brandon's writing and he'll still throw several curve balls and sucker punches from nowhere. So I just kinda step back and just ride the story wherever it goes. It was the book I wanted though. I do find it interesting that people think this the story should be primarily Kaladin focused (whether through personal identification or whatever other method) when clearly he is just a small part (as everyone else is) in this grand epic fantasy (but I guess that's what AU fanfic is for maybe). I do understand the part about humans = voidbringers bit, however my disappointment mainly comes knowing prior to the reveal via WoBs. In-book, I completely understand and empathise with the humans and Radiants in regards to their decision regarding the Recreance. To the casual or un-Initiated fan, this would be pretty mind-blowing (and I have seen a fair few posters say they had no idea).
  5. I know it's isn't particularly my designated style of clothing but I wouldn't mind a simpler robe-like version of this, just cause it's pretty.
  6. My interest is in their instability. Does this mean we're going to have a Majora's Mask situation here, or will one of the Moons going flying off into the Cosmere? What effect would that have on Roshar (I mean, the first scenario is pretty obvious, unless someone has either an ocarina, horn, guitar or drums handy). I'm also still trying to wrap my head about the moons story in-book, cause trying to separate symbolic imagery and actual fact is making my head hurt. Agreed on the imagery significance although I can't particularly work out how. The moons orbits also aren't natural right?
  7. Applause for the well thought out theory. I am inclined to disagree however. Slight segue to the Metals/Shards topic; that WoB you quoted merely states that there is some kind of pattern to the Shards and as well as the Metallic Arts (granted, the number 16 is too...precise/coincidental/specific to not be deliberate), not that they share the same pattern. The key thing with Brandon is he isn't always as elaborate with the answers he gives, and always delights in being vague when our wording isn't exact (tricksy Aes Sedai he is) so from that WoB, I would only draw that there is some kind of pattern (It could simply be that Leras decided there would be 16 metals, not necessarily what they would be. This kind of question is one I wish to ask Brandon), not that both pattern/groupings are the same. As for the surges, they are actually the fundamental forces of nature, constant everywhere throughout the cosmere (Surges are just what Rosharans call them.) The thing with Surges is, any Shard could potentially access any of them as the Shards themselves are nigh omnipotent. I will grant that depending the Shard's intent (note the lower case i before Chaos sees it ), some Shard's might have better proficiency over particular surges/forces than others but ultimately, they're all capable of the same feats, to either a greater/lesser degree...presumably (Future-sight being the prime example). I definitely agree with you that there is some kind of grouping/pattern to the Shards, but until we get a bit more knowledge, I'm withholding judgement +1 for imaginative thinking and creativity. One of those intents is along my own thinking (Evolution, but I was thinking more Adaptation) but I do find the others unlikely. Props for trying though
  8. Change Roshone to Amaram and you have yourself a valentine! I also wonder if there's Cosmere equivalent's to some of our holidays
  9. I could see that definitely fitting, maybe more along the lines of I will speak for those who have no voice or something
  10. Weiry, you're not the only one that wants Endowment to be a Dragon!
  11. Unless perhaps it is a combination of said framework, stormlight and lesser spren? Framework provides the chassis, spren fill in the frameworkand then stormlight is effectively the glue. We know for certain that the original Radiants were bonded to their plate sets. I would hazard a guess that how they're changed is similar to Soulcasting,in that the sub-spren experience a change in Identity and Connection...I honestly haven't a clue. The reason why Plate might not scream is...perhaps if it truly is made of sub/lesser spren, then just maybe it may lack the cognitive presence to experience pain...or that their fundamental form has been changed so much that they aren't spren any more. We'll just have to wait for a WoB if Brandon feels generous
  12. That was me on female/male unmade sentience/sapience dichotomy! And you just blew my mind with Re-Shephir = Reshaper
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