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  1. Hey! Now that CK3 is out and modding has been made easier, would you share a link to your CK2 map? It seems that a lot of it could be reused in CK3 and save me and a friend who are basically trying to do the same thing a bunch of work.
  2. @Pagerunner I think the highprince glyphs are much more based on the Fundamental Glyphs than the phonemes. Some of their names are kinda reminiscent of historical figures too. TIME FOR SOME ALUMINUMFOIL THEORIZING! https://coppermind.net/wiki/Glyphs#10_Fundamental_Glyphs Looks like half the highprince glyphs are "upside-down". I'll put those in underscore. Some of the names or Heraldic glyphs also sound kinda like kingdoms or places. 1 Ruthar - Windrunners/Jes - ? - Yaezir + Azir 2 Roion - Skybreaker/Nan - ? - Natanatan 3 Sebarial - Dustbringers/Chach - ? - (Cha-)Narak & Arak 4 Vamah - Edgedancers - Vedel - Valhav & Vedenar 5 Sadeas - Truthwatchers/Pai - Sadees the Sunmaker - Paimia, Palaneum, Panatham & Sunmaker Mountains 6 Hatham - Lightweavers/Shash - ? - Savalashi & Sela Tales (Together with Taln? She seems to be somewhat infatuated with him.) 7 Bethab - Elsecaller/Betab - Battar - Babatharnam 8 Kholin - Willshapers/Kak - Kelek - Shin Kak Nish & Kholinar 9 Thanadal - Stoneward/Tanat - Taln - Thaylen/Sela Tales 10 Aladar - Bondsmith/Ishi - ? - Iri, Alethela x Sesemalex Dar? Connecting anecdotes: 1. Ruthar is blue-eyed like the glyph, and despite his rank he's not particularly formal. His colors are Red and Light Blue. 2. Roion was killed by a Skybreaker, and literally broke his body by falling from the sky, trailing a wisp of Stormlight (Smoke is the second essence) while screaming (exhalation being the Body Focus). He violates the Divine Attribute "Confidence". I wonder if there's red in his colors. 3. Sebarial is rather "brave" in his defiance of political expectation, aligning much more with one Divine Attribute than the other. Yet, when Dalinar appropriately called for an expedition to Narak, he obeyed. 4. Sadeas mocked Vamah's fashion sense, whereas Historical Edgedancers were refined. Vamah has Light Grey eyes, like the Vev glyph, and the Eyes are the body focus. 5. Sadeas was described by Jasnah as a man of intelligence, aligning with the Divine Attribute Learned. He was Highprince of Information and abused his position. His colors are green (and white, apparently? I didn't remember that, but it's on Coppermind) like the Pai glyph. Ialai has green eyes and specifically dyes her hair (Hair being the body focus). When Meridas Amaram-Sadeas takes over, his colors are green and burgundy, and here we see both the red coming into it and the violation of the Divine Attribute of "Giving". EDIT: Also, "Sadees the Sunmaker" is theorized to have Nalthian connections due to his name sounding very much like "Tredees" with a Returned title, refusing to wear a crown like Vasher refuses his Returned nature, etc. Notably, Endowment's number is "5", as is Sadeas' in this model. 6. Hatham is shrewd at political maneuvers and deception using Ardents and overly polite mannerisms, violating the Divine Attribute of Honesty. 7. Bethab is a mercenary-using dullard*, violating the Divine Attributes of Wise and Careful. 8. The Divine Attributes of "Resolute Builders" describes Dalinar and Gavilar pretty well. Ever-resolute Jasnah Kholin soulcasts a Bronze Wall, which is associated with Kelek and the Willshapers. Also I have another theory regarding her weird powers in my signature. The Kholin color is blue, but Navani and Jasnah's eyes are appropriately violet. 9. Thanadal stubbornly refuses to move to Urithiru from the Warcamps, violating Taln's essence of Dependable. His colors are Red & Brown, like the Taln glyph. 10. Though more Obedient than the others, he's also a good politician and doesn't use his own shards. His colors are White and Dark Green. I *almost* put Bethab down as Oily since that's the 7th Body Focus. Perhaps Bethab and Hatham would be better matched to their Divine Attributes if they swapped? For most of these there's probably no big conspiracy other than incidental etymological convergence, but perhaps one or two of the connections are intentional? It could just be for thematic reasons, of course. EDIT2: Roion's name sounds more like the second half of Jezroion than Ruthar. Perhaps... Some Highprinces are pairwise mixings? Bethab is clearly only Betab, of course. Roion - Jezroion? (First to die, both among Heralds & Highprinces) Ialai - Shalash + Pai? (Aid + Giving? Odd. Could she literally be Pailiah? She did have that ominous scene where the thinks about what the future will bring just before Sadeas gets himself killed.) Kholin - Kelek + nin? (Resolute builder + Just and Confident? Good fit for the entire house, I'd say.) Thanadal - Chanarach + Talenel + Vedel? (I find no evidence he's anything but stubborn, but just saing Talenel might be oversimplifying) Aladar - Shalash + Ishar? (Pious in his beliefs yet Honest with himself. Sh is notably the Script-dual of d.) Other cosmeric anecdotes: Sebarial: "Seb" was Siri's nickname for Susebron. Aon Ial is "Aid", specifically the Aon was used for Ial Plantation. Guess who's planting the Shattered Plains? Sebarial. Ialai's name is odd in the light of both Aon Ial meaning "Aid" and Pai meaning "giving". Aon Ala is Beauty, Aon Ashe is Light/Illumination. Shalash was a Lightweaver using the surge of Illumination, and was known for her beauty. Selish ancestry? Sela Tales? Ruthar - Luthadel minus Vedel plus Ishar? R and L are similar in the Vorin Script. Hatham - Pits of Hathsin?
  3. @DeanaMCW You should be proud, it's a good glyph. I wouldn't be able to *derive* your full name from it, but it's quite recognizable when you look for it. Also, I wrote an msc on topics related to braiding theory in mathematics, and your glyph is a really good at representing that topic as well - it wouldn't look out of place decorating the front page of a thesis.
  4. @DeanaMCW I know, but as we in the fandom start glyphing each other, we'll probably start out by using the phonemes as crutches. I've glyphed my SO a few times and since there isn't enough canon to memorize from, using the phonemes lets us construct some consistent glyphs that we can later modify or simplify I particularly like how you can see the evolution of the khakh glyph as it transitioned from phonetic to memetic. I don't dare to cross the strokes like that when glyphing yet - since the reader still has to use the phonemes - but I try to still form evocative shapes like you did here. I like how you can find your username phonetically embedded in the braid glyph you're using as a profile picture, assuming you read CW as "Ch" Intentional, or just a favorite glyph?
  5. I'll try to pick apart the phonemes, reading from center and up to out and down, in order of what I think is most likely. The first one consists of 1x k/i/e (Only plausible vowel) 2x ch/f/d/j 1x h/m/t The second one: 1x th/d 1x k/e/i (It's the only plausible vowel) 1x th/d 1x h 1x r Trying to make something Alethi-sounding from this: Checheh Thetheher? Chichih Theherth? If pseudo-phonetic English, like with the women's script samples: Heffi Herthde?
  6. Any chance we can get a source on the Happy Birthday glyphs? Since Valentines I've been glyphing to my SO who's working their way through Stormlight, and their birthday is coming up!
  7. I assume you would get Voidbinding rather than explicit Surgebinding. Sja-Anat in particular would also likely get into your soul-spren and corrupt that, so who knows what that would do to you.
  8. I don't know if this qualifies as a typo, but when Dalinar brings Jasnah and Navani into the vision (Chapter 56, Google play ebook), Jasnah says But her mother is right there. It's really odd for Jasnah to talk about her in third person, making it feel like it's either a hamfisted expository reminder or Jasnah is being really passive-aggressive toward her mother.
  9. Ohh! So that explains the skin color differential! I did notice it, and hoped there was an in-universe explanation rather than just artistic license. And Trell, who has long been theorized to be associated with Autonomy, turns out to be a construction worker in Volume 2! Coincidence? I think not!
  10. He was bonded to a cultivationspren when he soiled his Shartplate with fertilizer. Coinidence? I think not!
  11. Isn't that how his "seeking out" mechanic operate, though? He'll seek out somewhere, not knowing why, and interact with the people there to find out. He instinctively picked out Shallan from the crowd as important, so why not Jasnah? I should probably give it a rest and sleep, too.
  12. From the WoR epilogue I got the impression that the two of them go way back. This suggests that she's had a long time to grow her annoyance with him. They've certainly interacted more than just in his capacity as the King's Wit! Considering how he sought out Shallan in her youth, it wouldn't be surprising if he also visited Jasnah in a similar fashion, telling tales to fascinate and inspire her to become a scholar.
  13. Childhood. If they got along when she was a child, it would fit both why she felt betrayed by those she loved, and her adult attitude towards Wit. It is quite curious that Hoid doesn't infect people more often by way of carrying diseases, though.
  14. Do we have any confirmation that there is no immune response that lingers? It certainly seems like an illness can crack your spiritweb open, and that would last well past the disease. And we do know Rosharans can get contagious diseases from off-world thanks to the Plague in the Purelake. Makes me wonder if Hoid had accidentally given her that illness after worldhopping from Ashyn and giving her a hug - though it seemed to be indicated that Toh was the one who wronged her before he set off to Herdaz.
  15. In OB, she launches enemies through the air as if through gravitation. Her fears before her "death" in WoR and the way she dodges in OB without seeing is reminiscent of Truthwatching. In my theory thread (signature link) I point out how she appears to be Willshaping in her prologue in WoR, rather than Soulcasting. She also chooses to Soulcast the wall into bronze, the essence associated with Kalak's Willshapers. There's just so many small things that are off given what's been confirmed, but fit with a multi-surge paradigm. Also keep in mind that there was a childhood disease in her youth: I believe this to be an Ashyn disease, possibly one that made people treat her strangely for a while, then forget they had done so. Most of those were probably eradicated by the Heralds' sanitary advice, but I think that disease is what granted her more than her fair share of surges.
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