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  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger was head of Mafia Mambo, the vegetarian tap-dancing mafia from the Netherlands.
  2. Oh, wow, yeah! You got my feelings down pat. When Jasnah said she's excited to see where their relationship will go, I snorted and went "Yep, that's Jasnah." It's like she's not in it for the romance but for the experience of romance, which is quite funny. Wit seems more complicated. Maybe he enjoys clinging to his humanity? Not sure. Anyway, I think it has the potential to become love, if Wit doesn't destroy the planet beforehand. YOU, MY FRIEND, ARE BRILLIANT. It's perfect. I never even thought about Jasnah's side of things, but you're absolutely right. She would use Wit for her gain. Honestly, I would not be surprised if that happens in future books. It's a Brandon-worthy tragedy, methinks.
  3. I guess what I'm asking is whether the Shard is bound or if the host is.
  4. I have multiple memories throughout the series of Shardblades being mentioned as swords for the thunderclasts. Where are they now? Also, Pattern implied to Shallan that being a good blade is part of his identity. Is there a reason that spren manifest as massive, six-foot, spiraling swords, rather than a more classically efficient blade?
  5. "Sad Victor," said Sad Penny, "would you find me a spouse so I'm no longer sad?"
  6. I can see what you're saying, but I disagree. Asexuality does not always mean sex-repulsed, and some of the asexual people I've known have engaged in sex with partners. From what I understand, it's not about base lust but emotional and physical intimacy and what you can share with your partner. As long as your partner is respectful, I don't see any issue with an asexual person engaging in it. I don't think it's demeaning — actually, the opposite. Tackling potential complications and finding an outcome that works for you both should bring you closer, not further. It seems like Jasnah has not taken the initiative there, but I think that's to do with her hesitance in trusting, and I imagine if her and Wit's relationship progresses, she will not keep quiet. Yeah! You make good points. This is how I feel, anyway. Exerting control over someone more overtly powerful than you is a sign of their respect for your own self. I never got the impression that Wit was manipulating her, if for the simple reason that he is honest in relaying his first allegiance is to the Cosmere.
  7. Never in my life. Open-world RPGs ftw. TPBM is fond of chickens.
  8. Gets aviar omelettes. *Inserts the boots of a Horneater princess*
  9. Sad Victor and Penny went to the market, but when Victor tried to spend her, Penny cried out in horror.
  10. There was a WoB I read on Jasnah linked in the citations of the Coppermind stating outright she's asexual and heteroromantic, which honestly fit my expectations much better than homosexuality. But, yes, I do worry about their relationship for all the reasons you mentioned. I really enjoy their dynamic, and I think it'll change Jasnah for the better, emotionally and intellectually, but I wonder at Wit's motivations. He roots for the whole Cosmere, not Roshar, and I have a feeling he'd see it destroyed exclusively rather than let Odium escape the system.
  11. I honestly thought it was a joke when Navani suspected something way in the beginning, but I somehow...like it? I suppose the fact that it surprised Jasnah and Wit should make it unsurprising that I was baffled at the relationship's development. I'm curious on how other readers interpreted it as they went through the book and speculations on how their relationship will proceed in the future. Jasnah seems amenable to worldhopping: I'm just wondering if the rest of the Cosmere is prepared for her.
  12. From my reading, and my understanding of the "Brandon formula," I suspect that the Heralds will be a part of the war effort in later books. The mentions of a Herald's strength, Taln's specifically, coupled with his madness, Ash's belief that Ishar can help, and Ishar's message to Dalinar, seems like ample foreshadow for a future story arc. A few questions on the interaction Dalinar and Ishar had: I'm blanking on exactly how the Herald's hold onto their power. Ishar isn't bonded, but he has the powers of a Bondsmith. Is that part of the Heraldic capabilities? Ishar seemed to speak to Dalinar from an "other place," even while raving. Thoughts on this? Did he trap his mind away to protect it from insanity? What is Ishar doing in Tukar? What are the implications of a Bondsmith unchained?
  13. Honestly? I'm an odd reader. I seemingly miss a lot of obvious information and pick up on a lot of subtle things that no else does. It's kind of backwards. As far as characterization, I feel that Brandon really outdid himself in complexity and realness in the SA series, and every reread I pick up new facets to each face. Kaladin was always a confusing one to me in that that did not happen; as in, my first interpretation was consistent throughout my rereads, which made me think I'm missing something.
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