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  1. Great points. I think Wit talks about how despicable Rayse was pre ascension as well in an early epigraph. It strikes me that he WAS aligned with Odium, at least more so than T
  2. Yeah, Ati is really a tragic figure ruin is a necessary part of life, but separated from the rest of godhood it’s just a depressing thing.
  3. Right, Like Kelsier & Vin could do things with their power that wasn't strictly within the intent of Preservation, but Sazed is increasingly restricted. I think T will have less restrictions than any other shard, for a time, but eventually he'll be in the same situation as Rayse; his will and intent will be at odds with the shard's intent. Think of Ati, who was (from epigraph readings) not a destructive person when he took up ruin, but became a destructive force later on.
  4. I just can't see Hoid not informing Sazed of Trell's identity, if Hoid know's Trell's identity, with as much dialogue as they've had. That, to me, is the biggest obstacle with it being any of the Rosharan shards. I don't see how Hoid can be on Roshar for 1-5 and then go to Scadrial between 5-6 and not know who Trell is if it's somehow a Rosharan shard, and I can't see him NOT telling Harmony if he knows who the enemy is. This is compounded by Sazed KNOWING so much about what is going on with Roshar from Hoid. That neither of them could figure it out with as much involvement as they both have on Roshar just seems incredulous. I think the only reason Hoid would hold that knowledge back from Sazed is if the shard was somehow blocking their identity. Both of them knowing it's a shard but not knowing WHICH is much more plausible if it's not a Rosharan shard.
  5. I was thinking more along the lines of "I will decide who is worth protecting" because it fits with the "I am the law" of the Skybreakers.
  6. So I've seen a lot of talk about how Tarvangium is much scarier than Rayse as the vessel of Odium and I largely agree...BUT I don't think it's because the Vessel & Shard's intent are aligned as so many here are positing. The fact that Taravangium had to realign his goals several times from Destroy to Save during his ascension points to this misalignment. I think Taravangium is more dangerous/scary for 2 primary reasons 1) He is less damaged spiritually than Rayse was. He hasn't been through clashes with other shards and he hasn't spent millennia warring with his shard's intent. 2) He has no moral boundaries...none. Most people have some sort of moral boundaries in achieving their goal. If their child is hungry (not starving) they might steal, but they probably won't murder. Taravangium would happily do so. Just throwing this out there!
  7. It seems to me, from what we have so far, that the Heavenly Ones are the most similar in temperament to the Listeners. They have strict rules of engagement and escalation of force. Maybe they're better than individual radiants, maybe worse, but the rules aren't equal contest/equal risk. The rules seem to be Engage in single combat unless threatened by multiple opponents If an enemy is wounded to the point of removing them from the fight, allow them to live. If they're still fighting go for killing blows where possible Engage enemies as close to your own skill level as possible. - Note, this does not mean not engaging if there are weaker opponents, it just means don't single out the weak ones first. Leshwi fighting Kaladin when he's available and then others when he is not is an example. I think we're building up to a split among the Fused where some "Orders," namely the Heavenly Ones, decide to fight Odium, rather than fight FOR Odium.
  8. It was disturbing to me as well, in that I saw much of myself in it. While my path was not violent, I walked for a long while further and further into a depressed darkness, and each step saw me doing something I previously believed I was never capable of. I believed redemption and healing was beyond me. I learned I had to take responsibility for my actions in order to heal, and to DECIDE to become a better man. I see so much of myself in Dalinar that I was brought near to tears by his story, I NEEDED him to be redeemed as I have been and am being. I resonate so much with the Bondsmiths as an order and Dalinar as an individual that, once we've seen all 5 oaths (because I want to make sure I really do understand the order) I'll probably be getting their symbol as a tattoo.
  9. I agree completely, which is why they worked so well for me. The point of Evi's arc in the book was what its reveal did to Dalinar. As he remembered more and more he broke, more and more. The manner of her death was less important than the fact that HE was responsible. I think it had to be something he did in blind rage, all unknowing, because that was what he was becoming, pure rage, with no redeeming qualities, the essence of Odium. He killed his own soldiers in battle because of his carelessness, he almost attacked his brother, whom he idolized, and finally, he kills his wife, because his rage cannot be sated... Man, that's just so intense to me. I don't care about Evi, personally, I care about her in relation to Dalinar. The impact these memories had on Dalinar are difficult to overstate, in my opinion, and his arc was amazing to read.
  10. Unless the minor spren aren't sentient enough to scream. I don't know that that is probable, but it seems like it could be an answer. I definitely think there's something we don't understand about Plate, and that we've been making assumptions. It clearly hasn't just showed up as a result of people reaching the 4th ideal, so there's something going on that the Radiants haven't fulfilled.
  11. My main question to your theory is: Why then did the plate not disappear when the Radiants abandoned their oaths? There is a good reason why the Blades did not, but your theory leaves that question open.
  12. That's actually part of why I think there's some secondary requirement beyond simply reaching the 4th ideal. The Blades came pretty easily, but no one is manifesting Plate consistently, despite some of them being at the 4th Ideal. Obviously I could be way off base.
  13. 100% Bondsmiths. The oaths speak to me so powerfully that talking about them makes me emotional.
  14. No shardbearer is ever truly unarmed, but Adolin started the fight. I don't approve of the action; Sadeas should have been tried and killed after being found guilty of treason. Adolin does a LOT that helps his family, but those actions are also right because, for the most part, his family is on the "moral" or "right" side. They're the good guys. Now, if they start being the bad guys and he follows them into it, you've got a case.
  15. I guess Moash is fairly well written as a villain, since I just hate him. I want him to die; I actively root against him. Giving the bridge 4 salute after doing something explicitly against what Kaladin would have wanted, as if expressing personal loyalty to Kaladin, but doing the opposite of what he stood for. A lot of the other bad guys I want to lose, but I don't hate like I hate Moash. I want Mr. T to lose, in most ways. I want Nale to lose. But I find them interesting as characters and I want to see how it is done. Moash I want gone NOW, because I hate him so much.
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