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  1. before the fires

    i saw them, elder and younger,

    standing before skuld’s bier

    as if to ponder the weaving

    cast-off, the last thread snipped


    skuld sleeping, whose hand

    held the shears? who is weeping?

    I saw them, taking their measure

    of her death shroud, every last

    thread where it had always been


    was always meant to be.

    every strand leads us here.

    every strand bears in itself

    the memory of the knife


    recoils with the sharp

    intuition of the parting


    i dreamed last night.

    i watched you drown in roses

    buried one by one in blood-red

    thorns and thought:


    this is right. love lies bleeding.

    love carries in itself the seeds

    of an ending.


    i dreamed you were drowning

    in roses, and then the roses

    were burning, every last

    one of them. you returned

    to fire


    as i must imagine

    even the distant stars, now cold,

    still burning.

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