The Splintercast Reads Bands of Mourning, Episode 3: Chapters 4-6

Yeah, you guys only thought I was going to be reacting to the book. You didn’t know you actually signed up for ‘Steris Appreciation Podcast 2016.’ Here we go.

This week, featuring special guest star: my kitten who loves to sniff the microphone while she’s purring and interrupt me. She’s smol. And naughty. And I love her.

Anyway, this week on Splintercast, Wayne talks to a jealous god. Feather realizes what a ridiculous shipper she is. Theories are put forth regarding Wax’s sister. Also, everyone is now evil. (Except for Steris, of course.) Sorry I don’t make the rules. All villains. All the time.

Finally, chapter six leaves off with a truly unfair cliffhanger, which means I was suffering as much as the rest of you in waiting for the next episode. Dang Brandon, you just can’t do these kinds of things to us!


User Feedback

Offhand jokes actually being perfect predictions = the bestest


...that Wayne sequence...still think it drags on too long...


"Stay away from Hemalurgy kids" that's kind of a hypocritical thing for a Steel Inquisitor to say, isn't it? ;D


I wish Marasi had spoken with Harmony, the earring is a plot thread that just kind of disappears.


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Awww I love kittens. What kind?











Also, this is how she wakes me up in the morning:






Double bonus: here is a picture of her with everyone's favorite god of death Inquisitor. (She's the one in the back looking startled.)




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[Seran trivia]

Look at me knowing cool Mistborn trivia!

The part you don't know: with all the political unrest going on, disaffected youths in the more urban parts of New Seran are starting to stir up trouble.  They're starting to come up with angry protestations of all sorts, and even a new style of music to express their discontent.  Their music is heavily rhythmic in nature, at the expense of more traditional emphasis on melody and harmony.

They call it


Seran Rap.



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