Shardcast: Tenth Anniversary Livestream Part 2

We did a massive, five hour long livestream on Saturday for 17th Shard's tenth anniversary! This is the second part. In this part, we discuss our favorite characters, more fandom moments, Ship It or Rip It, and more! Please note this is also not as edited as usual and is almost exactly what the stream saw, so we apologize for blank space.

For this part, we have Eric (Chaos), Ian (WeiryWriter), Alyx (FeatherWriter), Grace (thegatorgirl), Matt (Comatose), and Shannon (Grey).

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YouTube didn't send the video to sub boxes. I removed it will reupload.


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That was as good as the first half, fun stuff. This was the first time I watched a ship it or rip it (shipping's not really my cup of tea) but it was really fun. I was dying during the Rashek and Alendi one, Gray's one liner was classic, and that was such a funny pairing with Human and Sarene. I was suprised the rip it crowd didn't mention that Sarene probably couldn't have handled the weeping bloody tears in Human's skin (ick).

I'm definitely going to have to go back and watch the ship it or rip podcasts now.

I like the idea of livestreaming during the release of Rythym of War, don't know if it would possible with Twitch and if dragonsteel would ok it, but a livestream during a major signing where you get updates from a field reporting Sharder would be awesome.


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I second the suggestion about livestreaming events.
I am from India and I dont get to attend any book signing events or releases. So people like me would love to have that experience officially.

@Chaos, Polls on Twitch are pretty easy to set up and makes it easier for voting and guarantees more participation. Next time please?

Loved both the streams and do continue this twitch thing. Actually, podcasting is lot easier through twitch and you could export the audio to the Shardcast from here as well. would love an interactive Shardcast recording on Twitch.

Gr8 work on setting up the questions, the designing on the layouts. Kudos.

To the rest of the Team as well. congrats on 10 years.. and many more to come...


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