Shardcast Season 1, Episode 2

Two weeks, in a row. For reals. We're here. We're discussing lore in Elantris, chapters 4-6. Can we make it interesting when it's all setup? Do you like talking about Jindoeese food? How many cannibal jokes can we make? Will they be better or worse than the meat jokes? Will you imagine a shirtless Hrathen fighting a giant lizard?

You be the judge.

The answer: we make fun of Mi'ch being really bad at pronouncing Fjordell names.

Also, we're pleased to say that is back online now. At the time of the recording it wasn't. Good job guys for getting through that attack! You make our server look like a broken dam.

Spoilers: Again, there's Elantris spoilers (duh), slight discussion of Emperor's Soul, and some talk of Odium.

(Don't Saze me, bro)

Fun Facts (that we missed):

  • Per Ashe's line about serving Sarene's family for a couple of centuries, Skai and Aona have been dead for at least two centuries at the beginning of the book
  • According to the annotations, Brandon knows that the dramatic eye lock from chapter two is cliche, but still loves it.
  • The sun rises in the east.

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'Imagine if Donald Trump ... That would be hilarious.'

So some people here seem to be able to look in to the future :)

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