Shardcast: History of Roshar Part 2

This week on Shardcast, we're talking about the time on Roshar after the Last Desolation. We talk about the Recreance, the False Desolation, and beyond! And of course, whether lurnips are related to curnips. Just what you wanted. 

We have Eric (Chaos), Evgeni (Argent), Grace (thegatorgirl), and Joshua (jofwu). Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]


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Odium's prison:

The Stormfather references Honor and Cultivation as an analog for the Oathpact. The Fused are the prisoners of the Oathpact but they never agreed to it. The Oathpact is between the Heralds and Honor. The Fused are released when one of the parties breaks their Oath Honor or one of the Heralds on Braize (9 Heralds on Roshar refusing to return to Braize is a loophole because no one considered that they'd ever not be on Braize when the Oathpact was agreed to). 

What if Honor and Cultivation made a pact with each other that trapped Odium? Only one party needs to break the pact for it to fall apart. Honor or his remnants can break the pact by themselves because there are only two parties to the contract.  

I always assumed Odium was trapped by some agreement he made because he was afraid of getting wounded in a 2 on 1 battle after Ambition hurt him, but maybe that's not necessary. 

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I figure that when the Heralds broke the oathpact (a very dishonorable act), Honor/Tanavast was somehow harmed by this. He presumably had Invested in them quite a bit, so perhaps this act (which was very against his Intent) somehow took enough of his power away as with Preservation binding Ruin and started him on the path to death. A couple thousand years later he was rambling on about humans destroying the planet during the Recreance and Tanavast died shortly after.

Perhaps Odium wasn't responsible for Tanavast's death (at least directly), but simply took advantage of that afterwards and splintered the Shard. The claim that he was killed by Odium at the end of the Way of Kings might have been more metaphorical (as the torturings on Braize by his people drove the Heralds to break the oathpact).

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On the subject of the Shin invasion, while the Shin do seem peaceful and probably have a lower population, remember that the most feared warriors and most successful conquerors on Earth (before the age of exploration) were the Mongols, horsepeople from the plains (which we know exist in Shinovar) who just showed up in small numbers and literally slayed. At one point they even sent a threatening letter to the Pope.

Also, I would like to point out that the clues for the first Who's That Cosmere Character work shockingly well for Hoid in drag on a horse.

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Posted (edited)

using what we know so far and reviewed do we think this is a reasonable explanation of the the order of events:

1. Singers lived peacefully on Roshar with Spren and Highstorms. Fabrials could have existed and be in use.

2. Humans lived on Ashyn and based on what we know of the Silence Divine they had a virus/bacteria based Investiture that granted powers. (it wasn't always planned to be that type of magic)

3.  Honor and Cultivation are on Roshar.

4. Odium was traveling the Cosmere Splintering shards starting with Ambition whom he wounded and chased after then took out Devotion and Dominion. (he could have ended up on Ashyn and pushed them along to destroy the planet, but we dont know if a shard was there or not and I dont see Odium needing to destroy a planet that doesn't have a shard there already)

5. The humans from Ashyn destroyed the planet using what we are calling the Dawnshards or a form of Surgebinding. (could just be using known words to refer to a lost magic system)

6. The Humans were transferred from the destroyed planet to Roshar using a not fully explained process that Brandon is still working on the mechanics of.  

7. The gods (Honor and Cultivation) told the Singers to allow the humans to live in Roshar and the Singers granted them the land now know as Shinovar.

8. We know many of the Heralds were alive on Ashyn and they were still alive when the first desolation started. 

9. Odium Invested some of the Singers to become the fused making the war un-winnable for the Humans/Voidbringers as they could essentially possess new bodies and continue fighting. Plus Thunderclasts would be difficult to defeat pre-shardblades

10. Honor Created the Honorblades (and thus the Stormlight Surges we know today that are used by the Heralds and proto-knights Radiant. Referring to the 10 pairings of powers and infusion of Stormlight directly) and the Heralds and the Oathpact is forged. (unsure if the Honorblades were made for the first desolation or after they broke pact the first time. I think before)

11. The fused are bound to Braize by the Heralds and Odium is also bound partially by the Oathpact but largely from Honor directly. (I think Odium being invested in the fused being a part of the reason)  

12. The Oathpact doesn't hold forever as Heralds give in to the torture and the loophole in the Oathpact allows the heralds to leave thus freeing the Fused to to the same. However once the Fused are killed again the Heralds can take up the Oathpact again and the cycle of Desolations continue. the line defining sides and who is now called the Voidbringers are blurred 

13. During the Desolations the Fused learn how to use Voidbinding to combat the Herald's use of Surges and the first non-herald humans starting bonding True Spren who mimicked the Honorblade's use of Surges to help in the fight.

14. The Knights Radiant were formally organized by Ishar and the Heralds became the begrudging patrons for the 10 orders. 

15. The Knight Radiant would discover the truth that the humans were the invaders and the Singers were the Original inhabitants and fear their powers could destroy Roshar just like their Ancestors destroyed Ashyn, but Honor would console them and encourage them thus keeping them in line.

16. Honer getting weaker and starts dying. This is likely due to Odium attacking Honor or the Oathpact being broken so much. Probably both.

17. The "Final" Desolation occurs were the 9 Heralds who miraculously survived this time decide leave Taln to suffer alone for 4000+ years since he was the only one of them to never break once.

18. The False desolation happens were Odium and Taln were still sealed on Braize, but Ba-Ado-Mishram started providing voidlight and forms of power to the Singers before being sealed by a strike team of Radiants. 

19. The Day of Recreance happens once the Knights Radiant once again discover the truth of their alien origins, but Honor is raving mad instead of helping them understand or reassuring them. 

20. Honor creates the Visions and charges the Stormfather to grant them to someone worthy and then fully dies. 

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