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November 2023 Bonus Art Commission


Hear ye, hear ye, here comes another Patreon fanart commission from last November - once again, full of spoilers for The Sunlit Man!

Just like before, your artist for the evening is Max, aka MadxMellonArt on places like Instagram and Tumblr. The scene, should it not be instantly recognizable, is the epic moment when Nomad realizes that the last ship of Beacon will not make to the safety of the shadow of the mountain before the sun incinerates it, so he dumps all of his Investiture into Aux's shield form, making the spren large enough to protect the people for a few seconds until they get to safety. Beautiful color work on the illustration too!

A digital illustration of Nomad, from The Sunlit Man, holding Aux as a shield, blocking the light of the deadly Canticle sun. The image is roughly square in aspect ratio, Auxiliary's shield form - pale blue, a little translucent, shaped like a tall kite shield, and highly ornamented - splitting the image vertically down the middle. On the right is the deadly sunlight, powerful rays more reminiscent of fire than of sunbeams, melting the landscape and battering the massive shield. On the left side is Nomad, dressed in boots, slacks, and a coat, standing on the back of one of Beacon's ships, holding Aux and support it with his entire body, pressing against it and the force of the sun with his shoulder as if Aux is a door and Nomad is trying hold it closed. Where the right side of the image is bathed in violent reds, oranges, and yellows, the left one is cool blues and purples.


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