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Lets Play: Call to Adventure, the Stormlight Archive Edition!

Overlord Jebus

Welcome everyone to our Let's Play of Call to Adventure, the Stormlight Archive edition! In this episode, we'll be playing a competitive game of Call to Adventure, the Stormlight Archive edition. Hopefully you've watched last weeks episode so you understand what's going on! If not, go watch that!

Alternatively, don't watch that and just watch us play a lovely game of Call to Adventure, the Stormlight Archive edition. Enjoy!




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I was talking with a few buddies who are super interested in playing a round or 10 together but we're struggling a bit trying to figure out the best way to play.  Has anyone had any luck livestreaming or broadcasting their table and having the other players follow along and the host keeps track of where everyone is with a "master deck" that everyone sees? I'm super open to any ideas I would just love to run this game with someone besides my dogs.  And if I may be so bold as to shoot my shot, anyone that would like to play or join please message me and let me know! 

Happy Safehand Day and may all your mornings be blessed with coffee and tea

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