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April 2022 Bonus Art Commission


As you might know, we met our $1,000 Patreon goal a few months ago, allowing us to do bigger art commissions each quarter, and the first one of those (for Q2) dropped in April - and it was full of Rhythm of War spoilers.
Well, so, the thing is, as big and awesome as that piece was, it didn't quite get us up to the double budget we had committed to... so we decided to just commission an extra piece! Local favorite Nozomi Matsuoka was already working on the "main" April illustration, so we gave her the bonus one too (we promise we'll work with other artists too!). The poll's runner-up didn't quite fit our constraints, but the third place - the vision Renarin and Glys capture and replay for Dalinar in Rhythm of War - was perfect. So we went ahead with it, and now it's done, and you get to see it. 
A digital illustration of the Rhyhtm of War vision Renarin and Glys captured and replayed for Dalinar. The image is dominated by a massive stained glass window showing Dalinar in pristine white Shardplate, holding Oathbringer high, black arrow piercing his chest. Behind him is a representation of Odium, taking the form of hundreds of gold shapes vaguely reminiscent of a formless creature attacking Dalinar from the back, or a wind blowing in his direction. The edges of the stained glass are marred by black tiles outlined in red, symbolic of Renarin's influence. In front of this vision, standing on the vast obsidian floor and barely visible, are the real Dalinar and Renarin, tiny before the colossal glass. Renarin's footsteps are illuminated in red. Glys hovers next to him.
We've been reliably above this goal, and dancing around the next one, for some time now, so there's more where that came from!

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Amazing! I love the stained glass look. Very accurate to the book

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