Tor Announces The Tour For The Rithmatist

Today, put up the tour listing for The Rithmatist. All of the places that Brandon will be going to for this tour are places that he didn't get to during the AMoL tour, so if he didn't make it to a bookstore near you, you should definitely take a look at this tour! Here are the tour dates:

Tuesday, May 14, 6-8 PM

Books of Wonder

New York, NY

Wednesday, May 15, 7 PM

Children’s Book World

Haverford, PA

Thursday, May 16, 7 PM

Tattered Cover (Highlands Ranch)

Denver, Colorado

Friday, May 17, 7 PM

Barnes and Noble (Oakview Mall)

Omaha, NE

Saturday, May 18, 1-3 PM

Maple Street Book Shop

New Orleans, LA

Monday, May 20, 7 PM

Blue Willow

Houston, TX

Tuesday, May 21, time to be determined

Hicklebees (Note: This event may be moved off-site. Check back for updates closer to the event date.)

San Jose, CA

Wednesday, May 22, 7 PM

Alamosa Books (Note: This event may be moved off-site. Check back for updates closer to the event date.)

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Thursday-Saturday, May 23-25

Author Spotlight at Phoenix Comicon (Note: Panel times to be announced.)

Phoenix, AZ

Brandon's assistant has mentioned that "At least one Utah stop will come right after the announced dates." There is also talk that Brandon may be touring in the UK sometime this November, but details aren't set. The original blog post is located here. If you'd like to read an excerpt from The Rithmatist, you can find one here.


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