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News Roundup for December 13th, 2021: Alcatraz News, Spoiler Stream Thread, and Poll About Patreon


Rather short update this week: Defiant is at 66%, Alcatraz 6 will likely come out late summer 2022, Reddit thread for the spoiler stream is up, and Brandon started a poll about whether he should open a Patreon.

First, as mentioned, Adam made a Reddit thread taking questions for the upcoming spoiler stream. The moderators on the subreddit have put the thread into Contest Mode for now, which randomizes sort order and hides vote counts, to give every comment a fair chance. On Thursday morning this will be lifted, so that Adam can find the most-upvoted ones.

As a reminder, the spoiler stream is this Thursday, December 16th, at 6PM Mountain Time, and will be on on Brandon's YouTube channel.

Second, Alcatraz 6 is likely coming late next summer. In the leadup to this, Tor will be re-releasing the previous books with new covers, with the first coming out spring 2022 ( you can find the cover in our previous roundup).

Next, Brandon is considering making a $5-a-month Patreon for behind-the-scenes content such as weekly annotations on chapters of his books (in a video format, unlike the old annotations). However, he's hesitant to do so, as a.) he's unsure how many people would be interested, and b.) he isn't a small creator and doesn't really need that income, so he and Adam want to poll the community. You can vote on that in this Google Form, and comment on the YouTube video if a yes-or-no answer doesn't cut it.

Lastly, the WoTaHoliday event, run partially by our staff member @Cheyenne Sedai, raised over ten-and-a-half thousand dollars for Brandon's Lightweaver Foundation! Thank you to everyone who participated, and the archives can be found on YouTube.

What do you think of the Patreon idea? Ordinarily I'd say to discuss in the comments below, but feedback on this article won't make its way back to Brandon, so instead, please vote in the poll (positive or negative) and discuss it on the YouTube video!


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