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Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians: The Dark Talent Cover Art Revealed! (Updated)


It began with a single sentence: "So, there I was, tied to an altar made from outdated encyclopedias, about to get sacrificed to the dark powers by a cult of evil Librarians." With that Alcatraz Smedry walked into our lives but although it has been a long, and rather bumpy, road we still have yet to see the infamous altar. The end is drawing near however, Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians Book 5: The Dark Talent will be releasing on June 7, 2016.

Tor.com has just revealed the fantastic cover art that Scott Brundage created for the book. I really can't get ov-- Oh, oh my... Is that an altar I spy in the background? Perhaps made from outdated encyclopedias? It certainly looks like one in my opinion. Anyway, as I was saying, I really can't get over how well the cover fits with the series. After seeing some unused covers and concept art Scott posted back in March, I was hopeful but this has really just blasted past my expectations. I really can't wait to see the new covers for Books 1-4 when they get posted!

They also posted the synopsis of the book. Which, while it doesn't reveal anything beyond what is established at the end of Book 4, is definitely hype-inducing:

Alcatraz Smedry has successfully defeated the army of Evil Librarians and saved the kingdom of Mokia. Too bad he managed to break the Smedry Talents in the process. Even worse, his father is trying to enact a scheme that could ruin the world, and his friend, Bastille, is in a coma. To revive her, Alcatraz must infiltrate the Highbrary–known as The Library of Congress to Hushlanders–the seat of Evil Librarian power. Without his Talent to draw upon, can Alcatraz figure out a way to save Bastille and defeat the Evil Librarians once and for all?

Surely he can... Right?

If you can't wait until June 7th to get your hands on a new Brandon book don't forget Shadows of Self comes out October 6th, check out our spoiler free review of it here.

Check out our forum topic here to discuss the cover and synopsis!

Update: It turns out that the name of the book has been changed from "Alcatraz Versus the Dark Talent" to "Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians: The Dark Talent", which I completely missed in writing this article originally. Peter has confirmed that the old naming scheme has been dropped for each book.


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I thought the title was Alcatraz vs. his own Stupid Self. When did they change it?


Brandon mentioned that that was a potential title at one point during a signing line, but at the same time he also mentioned the Dark Talent as a potential title.  The first "official" announcement of the title referred to it as the latter.  I wouldn't call that them "changing" it, so much as just deciding on the title.  To be frank I'm mostly inclined to think of the "Versus his own stupid self" was a kind of a joke title.

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To be frank I'm mostly inclined to think of the "Versus his own stupid self" was a kind of a joke title.

Probably, though it would'a been great.

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