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A Terrible, Stupid Crackpot Taynix Theory

Use the Falchion

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So, I was listening to 17th Shard's mini-episode on Sunreach, and I had a horrible idea about the Taynix - what if the plot twice used in Defending Elysium was how the Taynix came to be? What if, when the Superiority was wiping out humanity, groups of Cytonic humans (or their allies) tranfered their minds into the slugs who also had Cytonic powers? This may have limited their speech and mental capabilities to a degree, but it also may have protected them from the Superiority for a time. 


...yeah, this theory is dumb, and parts of it have already been used in other Brandon works, but I wanted to get it out. 

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While it is completely possible that the Taynix came about naturally, and I think that the most elegant solution that explains the several varieties, I will not deny that I can find no holes in your logic.

This is definitely what happened to the kitsen shadow walkers!

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It actually makes sense. I mean, when they [human cytonics] realized that the Taynix had some cytonic abilities they probably went about studying them.


What if, when the Superiority was wiping out humanity, groups of Cytonic humans (or their allies) tranfered their minds into the slugs who also had Cytonic powers?

The mind swap can work with interspecies as long as both posses cytonic abilites (correct me if I'm wrong), which means that it is plausible in this scenario.

If that's the case, then it would explain why plenty of cytonics vanished all of a sudden during the wars (and maybe the kitsen shadowalkers too, like what The Silverlight Scholar said). But then about the offspring...does this mean they're part human or just fully slug?? Or do they even reproduce at all. Doomslug was most likely M-Bot's hyperdrive--or one of them--from Commander Spears' time so it would mean the Taynix could live pretty long.

Edit: And I know Detritus was a human settlement even before the Superiority attacked but it would also explain why there were taynixes on Detritus (and why Jorgen found so many in one place). And on the kitsen planet since they had cytonics too. 

Anyway, I seriously think you're onto something with this theory.

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On 10/28/2021 at 9:24 AM, Blackwarder said:

I think that the delivers are actually extremely old and powerful cytonics who either transcended or were forced into the nowhere by the superiority.

There where no Delver eyes in Defending Eylisum, so I think it safe to assume that there were no Delvers during that time.

I really like this! It would synergize well with both the missing old Cyontics and Spensa being stuck in Nowhere. Like maybe we'll see her start to see the initially parts of the transformation.

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So... They're cytonic mistwraiths, if you will? LOL

Anyway, having just read Cytonic, Sunreach, and ReDawn this week (I must say, I enjoyed those novellas way more than I expected to do... And I had expected to enjoy them!), something else about the taynix struck me.

(Is ReDawn material supposed to be spoilered? This thread started by bringing up Sunreach...)

Just in case, I'll do it.



The taynix echoed Alanik the UrDell as well as the humans. But she's not speaking in English. Obviously the taynix are not natively speaking any human language... But they don't echo random sounds, they only echo words spoken by people, in whatever language. And at some level they understand the meanings of them, too, as they can be trained to associate them with other taynix and specific locations.

At least once, they interpret someone saying "happy" to mean "take me to the taynix named Happy". Yet they are not triggered by composite words - they have been conditioned to respond to the word jump but will not to hyperjump.


Whatever their "echo" behavior is, I think suggests a deeper mechanism that is psychically cytonic. Which fits in with their apparent surface mindlessness being some kind of hobbling effect.


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