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  1. Thats a great question. I would say probably not. As far as I can remember people with lifesense from holding breath could not detect breath stored in objects, so I would assume that metalminds would work the same. However, I am not sure how someone using any of the other magic systems would show up.
  2. Dumb idea about making a super sharp sword (or any other cutting tool) based on a lot of assumptions and possibly faulty memory. If I remember correctly, the Southern Scadrian flying ships had a way for the ship to store its own weight to help it fly. I also think that the way Cosmere healing works is by using that investiture to cause the Physical to match the Spiritual, which is why Wayne is able to heal things like missing fingers that normaly don't regrow. What would happen if you were able to connect a similar device to what the Southern Scadrians were using for their ships to a sword, except for identity? If my theory is correct, then you would temporarily make the sword less convinced it was a sword, but you would also get a metalmind filled with belief that it is a sword (sharp, strong, able to cut easily, ect...) If you were then able to use similar technology to cause the sword to have a stronger Identity, and then is a similar technology for Feruchemical Gold to cause that strengthend identity to manifest Physically, it might have the effect of creating a sword that is super naturally strong and sharp. Not totally sure if this process would count as a Shardblade. Fairly certain that it would also require a constant input of investiture to maintain. It is also quite likely that this process, if it even works at all, would not be worth the hassle to mass produce. The above posts also quite excellently explain that the Bands of Mourning would likely be easier to reproduce a quite possibly far more dangerous. Even of all you did was create a device to compound steel, gold, and mabey pewter, that would likely be far more dangerous in nearly any situation than a simple sword that cuts really well. What do you guys think? Please feel free to rip this to shreds.
  3. Ok, I just finished episode 5 and I need to rant at someone besides my family who has not read the books.. I would like to preface my rant by saying that in general I like the show, but it is far from flawless. Spoilered for length and episode 5 content
  4. Any idea if/when/how those of us unable to make it the con might be able to get our hands on transcripts/recordings of those? Will they be up on the Arcanum at some point?
  5. Anyone got any news to share from the Alcatraz event?
  6. First off, AWSOME!!! GIVE ME EVERSHORE NOW!!! Now that is out of my system, a few other things. First, while I didn't call the hologram replacement trick, I figured that the Superiority had used some fancy Taynix powered device to do the Defending Elysium mind swap trick. That just seems like a really great trick to get uncooperative public figures out of the way if you keep it quite. Kidnap them, shove them in your (not technically magic) box, shove a willing superiority supporter in the other side, switch the brains. You are now left with a public figure who is biologically the same person but totally willing to do anything you say and the body with the uncooperative personality can just be shoved into one of the exile portals. Upon further consideration I realize that this would be an awful lot to shove on people who didn't read Defending Elysium in such a short story, but that is where my brain went.
  7. While it is completely possible that the Taynix came about naturally, and I think that the most elegant solution that explains the several varieties, I will not deny that I can find no holes in your logic. This is definitely what happened to the kitsen shadow walkers!
  8. To your first first point, all the OG mistwraiths are long dead. Standard mistwraiths only have a life span of about 50 years. However, Feruchemy is passed on through the sDNA and since ALL of the OG mistwraiths were feruchemists, I find it quite likely that, forgive the programming analogy, the code for Feruchemy expression had been commented out or some other small error was created to prevent the expression of those genes. We know that Rashek had god-like powers, but his future sight and ability to use those powers with precision was limited. It is entirely possible that he did not entirely delete the code for Feruchemy out of the population of mistwraiths. After all, he did not rewrite the sDNA of the ENTIRE Terris population to remove Feruchemy, only living Feruchemists. To your second point, the Kandra didn't know much about Hemalurgy. The Inquisitors were the ones that experimented with it. Also, I would think that the inquisitors lack of success with Hemalurgy over a thousand years would help explain why TLR was not overly worried about someone accidentally spiking a mistwraith back into a Feruchemist. Considering the amount of time that Kel held the power, it is possible that he gained enough knowledge of the subtleties of Hemalurgy to perhaps while attaching his cognitive shadow to the mistwraiths body, Connected the remaining pieces of Feruchemical sDNA to his own spirit web. To your third point, to replicate what we think Kel did, you would need a mistwraith, which are noted to possibly not have survived the end of ash, and thus could be quite rare or extinct by now. You would also need at least a cognitive shadow and mabey even a sliver that was willing to work with you. The only way that I can think of for a Scadrian without access to off world magic to become a cognitive shadow would be to enter a perpandicularity shortly after death. The well of ascension and the pits no longer have perpendicularities and Harmony's perpendicularity location is unknown. I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound particularly simple or easy to replicate.
  9. That is a great point. The ability to make plans for the future to achieve specific goals is a good thing to look for.
  10. I really like how you described determining if a fictional character should count as sentient. As far as determining whether or not another thing is sentient, I would totally agree that I am not an expert, however there are some things that I would look for. Does it seem to be aware of its own consciousness? Can it form memories? Assuming a way that communication is physically possible, does the entity have the ability to maintain a cohesive conversation? I realize that these are not great indicators of whether or not something deserves to be treated like a person. There are some days when I am not sure that I could get a yes on all three of those questions myself. However, I feel it would be a much safer option in the foreseeable future to be generous in how we treat anything of questionable sentience. Anything that we treat as having sentience that is not actually sentient will not care, and any crazy AI that actually is deserving of being called sentient will hopefully appreciate being treated as such from the beginning and we can hopefully avoid any incidents of robot uprisings.
  11. No, there are at least two of us. I tend to consider anything that has close to the same capacity for thought and self awareness that most people do to have the same moral weight as a person. If you gave me a trolley problem with a human on one side and a self aware AI on the other I genuinely have no idea which I would choose. Also, what is your definition of sentience?
  12. There are also theories that Taln didn't really break and just saw that the Everstorm was allowing the fused and void spren to escape damnation and decided it would be best for him to go back to Roshar to fight them there. I kind of like this theory because it feels like awfully convenient timing for Taln to break just as the Everstorm was summoned. But as for Taln as one of the champions, if he gets some amount of sanity back for at least the duration of the contest I think he would make a great contest if it simply turns out to be a duel, particularly if he had his blade. It would also show growth for Dalinar. I don't have the books in front of me so I can't give a proper quote, but Elhokar complained that Dalinar had a hard time letting go of power, and the Stormfather told Dalinar that his powers would be impotent if he sought to use them for mere combat. (I realize that Ishar kinda proved that combat Bondsmiths can be super dangerous but Dalinar is nowhere near that level of skill and I doubt he could even approach it in under ten days.)
  13. I don't remember the exact WoB but I think I remember something about somehow being able to obtain lerasium from the mist, and that seems like a very easy way to reintroduce mistborn to scadrial.
  14. I agree that she is not actually a lightweaver, or actually have any connections to the order other than sharing surges. If anything I would say that this makes it even more likely that she would join a different order. I can also completely agree that Ash is remarkably sane for what she has been through. However, there is still plenty of room for her character to grow and control her urges, and it seems like Dustbringer oaths might line up nicely with learning to control herself. I was only aware of Kelek and Nale even being aware of what Gavilar was doing. If I missed something (totally possible) please enlighten me.
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