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Nature of the Beast (Demon) [Discussion]

Child of Hodor

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My prediction for the nature of "the Demon" Lifeforce had inside him is he is a twin of Lifeforce who was absorbed in the womb. Sometimes when this happens the surviving person will have two sets of DNA in them: their own and the twin's. There have been cases where the twin DNA is in the blood specifically, which fits with how the Demon / Deathwish is described and how it was transferred to Paige. 


The Epic powers are DNA based as shown with the all the motivators requiring DNA of the Epic. The absorbed twin's DNA got the powers which created a sapient entity within that wasn't exactly Lifeforce, thus the separate entity inhabiting the blood. Sentient blood, that's a new one to me!

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I had interpreted it as something entirely separate; likely something that will come up in Apocalypse Guard. The Demon itself says that it is something other than a person or an Epic. My guess would be it had infected someone else and then Lifeforce transfused himself with their contaminated blood. The Demon found a much better host in Lifeforce and was able to grow. I also interpreted the scene where Lifeforce injects Paige as the Demon itself fully in control and preserving itself, rather than something Lifeforce was choosing to do. The need to build a work of art (for lack of a better term) seems to be something of the Demon rather than Lifeforce based on what it says to Paige.

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I didn't dig for details too much with a first read through, did we get anything on how long Lifeforce has had the demon?

Just spit-balling here, but Calamity seemed to have been sentient or at least sapient. Did he, I think Calamity was referred to as a he at one point anyway, gift some part of himself to everyone upon his arrival? Is it possible that all the samples Lifeforce has injected himself with somehow compounded and now he has a proto Calamity inside him in some form?

I don't know. I've only read each Reckoner book once so I'm not that into the mechanics. I did think Lux was a step up on the original trilogy though so I think I'm due for a reread.

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The strong implication seemed to be that Deathsrise is a being similar to Calamity. @Player22, your interpretation sounds right to me, though it would be a bit of a retcon to say, "Just kidding, Calamity wasn't actually creating the fears of the epics, it was someone else." Maybe the answer will be that Calamity somehow killed Deathsrise and gifted him to the Epics to manifest the fears/weaknesses, but now Deathsrise has regained his consciousness or sentience. This would also fit with his name - he's risen from death.

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I think that it's a hive mind created by all the epics life force was keeping alive inside of him all those personalities molded together inside life force eventually became the demon. 

This fits with what life force said about there beening a city inside of him. 

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