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  1. Petrol is by far my favorite. Of course I think that every time I get a new Pelikan. There's something about that pattern though that always makes me want to pick it up instead of the others.
  2. Almost exclusively. I also have a fondness for a wet Pelikan. Puddles though...
  3. All yours. They'll work fine as long as you don't have a heavy hand or a nib that scratches your paper too much.
  4. Got these as a gift and they don't work for me. They write extremely wet and feather with heavy writing pressure like I use. They have no use for me but I hate to waste anything. I hope I'm not breaking any forum rules. Completely free, first person to respond publicly I'll PM asking for an address to ship to. I don't need or want anything else. US only please.
  5. I feel like that would be too easy. I'm hoping for something fresh. Taldain or Nalthis interecting with Scadrial is where my hopes are.
  6. I like the theory but I can't get around the fact that she would have had to die first. There hasn't been any foreshadowing that I've picked up on where she was in danger right before she got her gift/curse so it would have to be Cultivation that offed her in order to return her. I don't see, as much as we're aware so far, a noble god doing that. My own pet theory is that she's something of her own. Something more powerful than just a radiant but short of a herald or fused. Or possibly her powers are slightly different because she has something unique going on similar to a corrupted spren bond but not actually corrupted. Some mechanic is operating differently in her than everyone else.
  7. That's what I assumed on my first read but the "femalen" part caught my attention on the second. Might be looking into it too much.
  8. Sorry if this has already been brought up but the last couple lines from RoW chapter 115 ends with "...a distant femalen voice said in her mind... your words are now accepted". The "femalen" part is what got my attention on this reread. Who is it that accepted her oath? Kind of feels like Eshonai but I have no idea. I can't keep up with all the lore. And I apologize if this has been answered or theorized about before but just looking for WoBs or digging through the arcanum kind of ruins the magic for me.
  9. I had an idea while watching the patron q&a session the other day and i wonder if it will mirror modern day sports. Once allomantic sports start to happen, I'm assuming there would be regulations anyway, but someone is going to "juice". Probably many someones. Will this create certain types of savants? Will that be a known issue with a workaround? Are you going to have to be a savant in order to compete? Where I think it could mirror modern day medicine is in higher suicide rates as a result of CTE (Chronic traumatic encephalopathy). I'm curious if Brandon will make this a plot point in the novels or if he'll find a fix for it in world.
  10. Just picked up the hobby at the start of the year and I'm all in. 12 different pens and dozens of inks and an assortment of paper. I was always embarrassed by my writing until I picked up the hobby, now that I'm actually practicing regularly my penmanship has vastly improved.
  11. Bahhh, there you go ruining my fun. I'm really not that knowledgeable with the Arcanum, seems like that should have been trivial to look up. My theorycrafting needs some work, I thought I stuck gold with the connections I saw.
  12. I don't think Sazed has to die or that Dalinar has to pick up Ruin/Preservation. The prophecies have been slowly altered, just because current understanding of them says the Hero ascends through the Well of Ascension doesn't have to be the whole story. I did say it was crackpot but what I was going off was some combination of Dalinar holding Odium/Honor/Cultivation. Roshar is associated with tones/rhythms/music whatever and, at least in my mind, Discord would be the perfect name for someone becoming those shards. It's just something to think about, he fits too many of those descriptions for it to be purely coincidental. A troll/red herring possibly, even probably. But to just dismiss it out of hand seems foolish.
  13. So here I am browsing the forums and the Coppermind, it's the last 15 minutes of my 12 hour shift and I stumble across an unrelated theory about Harmony/Discord being the same person. Similar to Shallan's personalities. I go to the Coppermind to see what's known about Discord, not much apparently. I didn't get much except for a mention in the Hero of Ages prophecies. Like I said though, last 15 minutes of my shift so not really enough time to do much digging, so pardon me if I'm missing something that's already been disproven. But is Dalinar a possible candidate for Discord? He seems to fit a bunch of the prophecies. Here they are cut and pasted... I not a fan of the formatting but I've got to walk to the time clock now and not enough time for touch ups. The following partial prophecies also exist:
  14. I'd personally say read them in publication order with the caveat that you should skip Elantris until you've read 4 or 5 other novels. There are some who love Elantris but it's not the best Cosmere novel by a long shot. I recommend publication order because of the the references back and forth are part of the magic of the novels. If you just continue reading Stormlight before anything else there are some character and lore threads that will be spoiled and certain events in other books might not be as satisfying to read.
  15. Player22


    I gave it a 7 or 8 out of 10. I, too, didn't like the retcons and outright contradictions but thought it was still well written and exciting. I liked it enough that I picked up all three of the original trilogy on audiobook for an easy reread. I really liked the narrator, he is a perfect fit for the series.
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