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What is the Cosmere moment making you snort most?


What is the Cosmere moment making you snort most?  

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  1. 1. What is the Cosmere moment making you snort most?

    • The Lord Ruler claiming that he did so much for the people
    • Everybody being so progressive about a commoner becoming governor, but not mentioning Rashek?

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Rashek was 1,500 years ago and did use the stormin Well of Ascension to become the LR so he would be more of an outlier than the rule so it would still be abnormal for a commoner to become the Governor

And as Aspiring said Rashek saved humanity from destruction continuously for 1,000 years with all his programs and hiding the Atium. That line in TFE was supposed to sound egotistical then and than make sense in HoA when you realize that he did do a lot for humanity 


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While TLR was a commoner, he also became a Sliver and ruled for 1000 years. In the people's mind, he is an emperor. Most people don't think about his origins when they think of him as I see it. Some scholars should pick up on it, but I haven't noticed many scholars in Era 2, especially among the upper class

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