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Kasnah Best Ship


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Kasnah best ship. Their dynamic gives such enemies to lovers vibes that even gigachad Adolin Shartplate Kholin doesnt stand a chance. The raw sexual chemistry between the two, as well as their passion for traditional roshari cooking, and a strong internal sense of moral justice, bind these two tighter than any lashing. While they have their differences on religious grounds, this only means that the two will have conversations that much more interesting after their sweaty chasmfiend sex marathons.

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On 7/19/2021 at 2:24 AM, Wrenarin said:

as well as their passion for traditional roshari cooking

Ok, this line makes me think this is a troll. What in the eighteen hells is this referencing? When has cooking/food ever mattered to them?


Also, if this isn't a troll... No. Just... no. It does not work, it's taking away too much from too little, and BS ain't gonna do it.

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