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The misted mountains

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i checked to see if someone else proposed it first, but can't find a reference. the coppermind says that, according to an interview, the misted mountains are an homage to tolkien misty mountains. I do not think brandon would lie to us, but he's used a lesser truth to conceal a deeper truth

so, the name tell us those mountains are full of mist. it may be regular weather, what with humid air getting colder as it rises. But it may also be invested. we know from mistborn that mist is one of the forms of investiture. and on the other side of the misted mountains, there are no spren - at least, not visible. highstorms stop there too, and while - again - this is connected to geography and the mountains barring the path to stormwinds, there is also the investiture part; highstorms are invested, and it stops on those mountains.

so i'm thinking perhaps the mist on those mountains is a form of investiture, and it is part of what makes shin different from the rest of roshar.

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Possible but I doubt it's literally simply because Mists are already supposed to be a Scadrian equivalent for Stormlight, as another form of Gaseous Investiture. That being said, we know that the Shards created that area for the Shin refugees, so it's always possible that the those mountains have a natural Investiture.  It wouldnt be the first time, given the Purelake.  

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1 hour ago, king of nowhere said:

but are they still invested? i may be wrong, but i was under the impression that gemstones would not charge in shinovar. Possibly because of the girl who looked up, that her people lived in the dark

Well the Shin have Stormlight.

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There could be a unique ecology in the misted mountains.  Influxes of both of Shin and Rosharan organisms, adapted to micro climates with widely differentiated pressure, humidity and temperature.  Seperated by inhospitable terrain and protected from human and singer interference.  The Andean Cloud Forests with flying eels and giant crustaceans.  I hope we get to 'see' it.

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