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Kell adn Marsh

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3 hours ago, Frustration said:

Not sure whether to applaude the creativity, or question why you are using a thief as a role modle.:D 

The book is more about siblings being siblings, actually. And is mildly based off my son and almost 3 yr old daughter. It’s also kind-of told from Marsh’s perspective. (Cookies for Dinner is Kelsier and Kell and Marsh Outside is Marsh again.)

Text is as follows (some minor variation may occur): 

This is Marsh.

Marsh is seven. Marsh is a big boy.

Marsh likes to read.

Marsh likes to learn with Papa.

Marsh likes to help Mama.

Marsh is a good boy.

Papa says, “Marsh is smart and responsible.”

Mama says, “Marsh has a kind heart and an honest soul.”

Marsh says, “I like being big. I can make Mama and Papa proud.”

Kelsier says, “Marsh nice. Like Marsh lots.”

Kelsier is Marsh’s brother. Everyone calls him Kell.

Kelsier is three. Kelsier is a baby.

Kelsier likes Marsh.

Marsh does not like Kelsier.

Kelsier steals Marsh’s toys.

He rips Marsh’s books.

He makes a BIG mess.

And Kelsier gets Marsh in trouble.

Papa says,”Kell is too smart for his own good.”

Mama says, “Kell has the face of an Angel and the soul of a thief.”

Marsh says, “Kell is annoying. Can I get a different brother?”

Kelsier doesn’t say anything. Kelsier smiles.

Marsh scowls. Marsh does NOT like Kelsier.

But sometimes...


Once in a while...

Marsh does.

Each line is a page. This is going to take awhile...

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