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Most Ancient of the 17th Shard

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Ok!!! I wish to know who’s been on the 17th Shard the longest. (I’ll just tell you right now, it’s definitely not me, and I don’t know who it is.) These are people who are still active. Since the Most Ancient is most likely @Chaos, since they’ve likely been here since the start, and that makes it not as fun, moderators do not count. (Sorry to the mods out there!)

Now go, my fellow Sharders!!! Go find the One Most Ancient!!!!!!!

And then post here, and if you have found them, then throw yourself a party!!

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The rep system was organized based on the power/authority of that title/magic system relative to other titles/magic systems. That is why Most Ancient is where it is. Also, we generally don't like to ping Chaos or other mods for stuff like this as it generally isn't essential that they come and we don't want to waste their time.

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15 hours ago, Doomstick said:

I can Confirm (Confirmed by sorting the Member List).

Discounting all Current/Retired staff, the Council of Elders is as follows.  These most Ancient of Sharders joined prior to August of 2010 when membership began to pick up:

  1. @Ryan (Last Seen 2015)
  2. @Nerual (Last Seen 2013)
  3. @Nehex (Last Seen 2015)
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How long can they have been gone to count as active? After 3 months of inactivity would we say they are inactive?

leinton hasn’t posted in a while but they last visited less than a month ago

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