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Returned Lizardman

Lesser spren


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Imagine, you are with your Grandfather, the best person you know, on his death bed, saying his last good bye to you and your family before he passes on. 

He intakes a breath,

and sighs, as his eyes glaze over.

Suddenly, waves of color start gathering around the bed, and the body starts to glow.

You gasp as you realize your grandfather is Returning!  Coming back to fulfill some mission given to him by the iridescent tones, 


As the light subsides, you realize your grandfather is no longer in his bed,

a large, brillantly colored lizard lay belly-up belly in his stead.

"Excuse me," the lizard turns to you and asks, "Do you know where I live?"

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1 hour ago, ScadrianTank said:

It probably would, huh.

P.S. A question arises, who would win in a  fight, Returned Lizardman or a third Heightening shrimp?

I suppose it depends.

If we are to assume a Returned Lizardman acted like a coventional Returned (minus the lizard part) and that a Returned's hieght in their "default" form a naturally occurs and is not just a societal convention of what perfection is affecting their pereception of how they should look as Gods then we can assume the Returned  at least larger than the avaerage lizard. Also since I don't recall any major height difference between returned we will be generous and assume that the returned hieght is a constant; making the lizardman, head to foot, about seven feet long. Conclusion: Depending on what kind of lizard he thinks he, is a seven foot long Lizard is top physical condition (for a lizard) and super human strength can be as terriffying as a very, very, small godzilla


On the hand in order for the "third awakening shrimp" to achieve the the third awakening it would need enough investiture to achieve sentience and, presumably spren bonded to it to help hold the investiture and allow for the facillatation of mechanisms used for higher thought. My Third hieghtening shrimp edit had luck spren bonded to it, so we will assume the shrimp has the ability to fly from the affect of bonding said luckspren. The shrimp will be able to contiue this flight for about 2 hours as that is the amount of time a shrimp  can survive out of water. Now here is the tricky part, if I remember correctly a deaf person can use sign langue to use commands if that is there first language, that would mean that if the shrimp was raised in a society of sentient shrimp and they developed some kind "shrimp language" then the Shrimp would most likely be able to awaken. Conclusion: It can fly but it's danger level is entirely dependent on if it can awaken.

Verdict: Given the best case scenario for all parties involved, Third Heightening Shrimp wins, provided he has a cloth large enough to strangle  a giant lizard.


Sorry for the long post. Here's a Returned Lizard Man!

Lizardman returns.png

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