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Roundabout Shinovar foreshadowing


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Words of Radiance, ch. 45 [young Shallan is talking with a Thaylen trader who owns a special chicken]


"It can speak. Listen. Jeksonofnone! Say your name!"

"Jeksonofnone," the creature said.

Shallan jumped back. The word was mangled by the creature's inhuman voice, but it was recognizable. "A Voidbringer!" she hissed, safehand to her chest. "An animal that speaks! You'll bring the eyes of the Unmade upon us."

The merchant laughed. "These things live all over Shinovar, young lady. If their speech drew the Unmade, the entire country would be cursed!"

Rhythm of War, ch. 111 [Ishar talking to Szeth and Dalinar]


"The Shin had accepted the Unmade. Tried to make gods of them. I saved them."

The merchant's words came true!

There's also a Szeth quote somewhere about how the words of the dying are sometimes prophetic in his homeland, but he doesn't seem to attribute it to a malignant influence lol. (And Szeth hasn't been to Shinovar in a while, and Moelach clearly drifted to eastern Roshar in his absence.)

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1 hour ago, basement_boi said:

That is really interesting. How long ago do we think this happened? Was it before the Everstorm came, or was it earlier?

Your guess is as good as mine, considering how storming mysterious Shinovar is. In RoW ch. 17, Ash says "[The Shin] had legends...prophecies about the coming of this Return", yet they inflict the harshest punishment possible on Szeth for saying that the Voidbringers are coming back. Maybe they reacted so poorly because some Unmade was already influencing them. (Well, or Szeth's warning somehow contradicted the Shin prophecies.)


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