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This old WoB would seem to say so:



...The Tenth Name of the Almighty, Elithanithile, He Who Transforms. Is this related to the fact that Akinah is divided into ten parts, and the things  you find there?

Brandon Sanderson

Uh, yes... Are these things all related to the concept of change and why things are divided into ten parts in The Stormlight Archive, and the answer was "Yes, these are all very much interconnected."

Oathbringer San Francisco signing (Nov. 15, 2017)

Side note, I can't believe he literally said what the Dawnshard is ("the concept of change"), in response to someone mentioning "the things you find [in Akinah]", and yet it was phrased so that it wasn't obvious that he just blatantly said it.... wow.

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14 hours ago, Czernobog said:

The tenth name of Honor, Elithanathile, means He Who Transforms. Is that somehow related or connected to the dawnshard Change?

If the Dawnshards are the 4 fundamental Cosmere concepts, possibly the very tools of Creation, and one of them is Change, then everything connected to change would be connected to the Dawnshard Change.

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