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Some New Illustrations from RoW


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We had to hide this thread until we had confirmed that it's okay for these images to be out in the wild. Peter is okay with that, so discuss away!

I myself love how the Urithiru one gives a sense of scale, there's so much stuff there!

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Something I found interesting is how what I believe to be the number 127 was written:


I don't believe we have ever seen that double dot symbol before. I assumed that it was an indicator of place value separation. I don't know if Harakeke is reading previews, but I think they might be interested in this if they are.

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On 10/11/2020 at 2:12 AM, MyrmidonOfAchilles said:

The Arnist method and that illustration of the Flamespren struggling to escape is very uncomfortable.

I have to agree there, and maybe this is directly related to the mysterious writer that Navani 'spoke' with through the well placed gemstone on her way back to Urithiru, and what they were saying?

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