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Any Traditional Foods You Like But Don't Eat That Often?


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Any foods or drinks that are traditional/cultural to your family but you don’t make that often despite liking it?

For me one of the big ones is a classic cuppa. Part of my ancestry is English and a classic cuppa is English Breakfast tea with milk and something to sweeten it a little. I tend not to do this because I don’t often have milk at home and when I go out the few times I’ve asked for milk for my tea I’ve either been given creamer or cream or they give me a giant glass of milk that requires using a straw so I don’t make a mess.

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I love verenika, which is German. They are, put simply, dried cottage cheese-filled dumplings that are fried and served with gravy or syrup. I get them a couple times a year and absolutely love them. 

German desserts: a whole bunch of things I can’t spell. Kuchan is great. It's kinda like cheesecake but also not.


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