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Hey everyone!


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Hello! I am new to the fandom and glad to be here. Kals story and journey has helped me cope with some rough stuff in my life. Brandon is a genius and I’m grateful to have found the cosmere. I even recently got my first tattoo and decided to get “the spear that would not break” in women’s script with a spear through it on my right arm. 


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Just now, KalsGal16 said:

I haven’t. My son just read the Rithmatist and loved it. I plan on starting to read the Mistborns after Rhythm of War. Then after Mistborns I will break out of the Cosmere. What is your favorite book outside of the cosmere for my future reference haha? 

I really like the Reckoners trilogy, but Skyward/Starsight are really good, too. I definitely feel like Rithmatist is a bit of a younger story, maybe not as young as Alcatraz, but definitely not as...mature? Is that the right word? as a lot of others. If you want to start outside of a series first, then definitely read Legion, that one's really good, and probably the most mature outside of the Cosmere.

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I did design it along with my brother who got the same spear and just a circle around it, and with help from someone on this sight on the women’s script translation. I am happy with how it turned out! I have so far only read the stormlight series- just finished Oathbringer a couple weeks ago. My brother has been bugging me to read the cosmere books for years and I finally gave in this summer- I am hooked! It’s been a long time since I’ve really connected with a book series. 

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