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Serious Rant about F-Cadmium and the misinformation Brandon is spreading


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First, I know my views on this are somewhat extreme, but I'm a lifeguard and this is a very real danger. 

Second, I'm sure Brandon isn't doing this in purpose.

Alright the coppermind states on F-Cadmium 


A cadmium Ferring is known as a Gasper. Cadmium is used to store breath. While storing breath, the Gasper must hyperventilate to keep their body oxygenated.

This, and cannot stress enough, IS NOT WHAT HYPERVENTILATION DOES TO THE BODY! 

Hyperventilation does not introduce more oxygen to the blood what it does is expel Carbon Dioxide. This is a vital distinction because the brain does not tell the lungs to breathe when it senses low oxygen levels. It does so when it senses high Carbon Dioxide levels. In simpler terms hyperventilation makes you feel like you don't have to breathe yet when you absolutely do.

As a lifeguard this is one of my greatest fears two kids are having s breath holding contest and one of them decides to hyperventilate before without a word he passes out underwater and sinks to the bottom. This is referred to as a silent drowning. They can be extremely difficult to spot and can lead to death very quickly.

The change I'd like to see is for Brandon to swap hyperventilate for breathe deeply.  Finally this has bothered me everytime I've read it but I'm ranting today because I'm going boating with my cousin and my lifeguard instincts are raging.

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