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WoB from a Reddit PM: Rosharan Shards do NOT have beads in Shadesmar

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First, is this the right subforum to post this? I'm not sure, but for now I'll put it here. Please point me to the correct place if this isn't it. Anyway, the PM:


Non-screenshot below:



Does a Shard on Roshar have a bead representing it in Shadesmar?

I don't mean the Vessel (assuming that the Vessel is even considered "separate"). I'm talking about the actual Shard itself.

Brandon Sanderson

No, it does not. Good question.

I guess I should add this to the Arcanum database, right? Would I put this post as the source, or what?


Honestly, kinda a shame. If Shards did have beads there, then that combined with this WoB could have some weird (and probably very very bad) results.

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Even if the shards had beads, I don’t think Nightblood would be powerful enough to destroy an entire shard.



If it's possible for Nightblood to actually interact with a Shard, what would happen?

Brandon Sanderson

A Shard would try to stay very far away from Nightblood. Nightblood could not plausibly destroy an entire Shard but the Vessel could be in danger.

Starsight Release Party (Nov. 26, 2019)
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