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1 hour ago, Adonalsium'sSpren said:


i would like to know the history origin and goals of hoid.

Thank You!

We don't know much about Hoid.

He's from Yolen.

He knew the Vessels of the Shards of Adonalsium and was involved in the plot to kill Adonalsium alongside them.

He has a form of immortality, as well as time dilation, and various pre-Shattering magic including a form of Lightweaving. He has access to Fortune, he can tell if he's going to be needed somewhere sometime. He goes around traveling the various Shardworlds, collecting magics.

Hoid isn't his real name. He has many names like Cephandrius, Topaz, Lunu'anaki, Midius, etc

You might want to check out his Coppermind page here:


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2 hours ago, Karger said:

He was also offered a shard at one point but turned it down.  We don't know which one.

To add to this, we don't know which one he was offered but it's one that we didn't know about as of the beginning of 2015.


The Only Joe (paraphrased)

Was Hoid offered one of the Shards we know about?

Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased)

You know, I can't remember which Shards I've shown you, Wait, no I haven't shown you that one.

Firefight Portland signing (Jan. 16, 2015)

The only two that we've had confirmed since that WOB are Autonomy and Ambition, which makes it rather more likely than not that the Shard he was offered is one of the six that we haven't seen. Ambition/Uli Da doesn't sound like a last-minute swap (per Edgli, she seemed to get exactly the Shard that fit her) and I don't see Hoid and Autonomy fitting all that well. There's also room to argue whether or not Brandon had 'shown' us those Shards since we'd already gotten Shadows for Silence (and thus seen a bit of Ambition's influence) and Brandon had told us about Taldain and Bavadin even if we didn't know the name of her Shard. So it's a reasonably safe bet Hoid's offered Shard is one of the Secretive Six.

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