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Well, hello!


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Hi all,

After reading most of the cosmere (I haven’t read White Sand, but I have no experience with graphic novellas, so still in a bit of doubt there) I have been reading up on a lot of theories here. I think my time here will, at least for now, still be reading a lot, but thanks for having me!

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Welcome to the Shard!

What is your favorite Shardworld, magic system, and character (and why)?


If you want to get the prose version of White Sand, then I think that Brandon's website (after joining the newsletter) will get it to you. idk. It never worked for me...

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Thanks for the advice! Favorites is like picking a favorite child, but here goes:

Shardworlds: I would say Scadrial, I really like the difference between the grim beaten world of era 1 and the industrialized era 2, which gives me a bit of Victorian vibe. I am not sure I would like to live in any of these times.

Magic system: I would say hemalurgy, maybe it’s because I am an engineer and I like my magic a bit more scientific.

Character: Taravangian, I am not saying he would be a friend, but I find his worldview fascinating and I am really curious how his condition will play out in the SA’s long game. 

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Hello @Uvara, welcome to the Shard. Have you read Emperor's Soul?


Thanks. Yes I have, it was the second cosmere book I read after Elantris. I enjoyed it, but is a while back, maybe I will reread it in the near future :)

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