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I Figured I Should Actually Introduce Myself


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I had a friend convince me to join Sanderson Elimination (everyone should give it a shot!) about a month ago but I hadn't looked around the shard until now! I've been a Sanderson fan for about 8 years now. My first exposure to him was when I was reading the Wheel of Time series. While the series itself was really good (and my first real foray into epic fantasy) when Brandon Sanderson took over the last several books the series went to a whole other level. After that, the rest is history. I have read the vast majority of the Cosmere and his non-Cosmere works. I haven't gotten into Alcatraz. I heard it's a solid series but I had moved on mostly from YA by the point I learned about it. I also haven't read Whitesands. I imagine I could find a whole thread about peoples feelings on it (I've heard mixed reviews myself). I'm excited to be here and, hopefully, you will hear more about me!

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17 hours ago, Rask said:

Have you read Skyward? 

Yea I did! I enjoyed it quite a bit and can't wait for the next one to come out (but I think I may be more excited about Rhythms of War). It was a pretty good read. I wonder if Sanderson will write sci-fi in the same vein as Stormlight (serious and dark without as much humor). Mistborn era 4 might be my only hope for that

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