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So for those of you who don’t know, during the month of October, many people participate in a challenge known as “Inktober”, which is the goal of drawing something in ink every day during October, following a list of prompts.

This year, @ZincAboutIt and I have put together a list of Alleyverse themed prompts, and would love to do the challenge with fellow Homeless. So without further ado, the 31 prompts:

  1. Spike
  2. Soul
  3. Insanity
  4. Homeless
  5. The Church of the Whiterose
  6. Duty
  7. Experiment
  8. Dark Alley
  9. Protect
  10. Tunnel
  11. Ghostbloods
  12. Gold
  13. Travel
  14. Honor
  15. TUBA
  16. Dawn
  17. Old
  18. Alley
  19. New
  20. Bureau of Villainy
  21. Growth
  22. Sacrifice
  23. Power
  24. Odd Job Tavern
  25. Shadow
  26. Oasis City
  27. Conflict
  28. Seven Day War
  29. Baking
  30. Blood
  31. Alleycity 

Every day I am planning on posting the days prompt at approximately 6:00 am Pacific Daylight time. This is just to let people know who have followed the thread that there is a new prompt, if you’re in a different timezone feel free to start earlier!

Note: Artists of any skill level are accepted!  Please, if you want to participate, do! We would love to have you. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be ink! 


The original prompt has been spoilered, seeing as this has been made the official Alleyverse Art Thread.

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I can't wait to see everyone's beautiful pictures! For those who want a little more information or "the rules" (there are no drawing rules in the Alleyverse), Click Here.

Digital inks are welcome, and you can draw in pencil first and line over it if you want. Or, you can go old school and dip a spike quill in blood ink and draw with that! Honestly, any medium will be equally lauded - we just want to create with each other, after all! ^_^

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11 hours ago, AonEne said:

I could try some stick figure drawings? Or edit together pictures like I do in memes? But I’m not sure if that violates the spirit of Inktober. 

I won't even use a pencil :lol: So you could join me on the bench for participants with no drawing skills.

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4 minutes ago, Snipexe said:

Alrighty folks! Ladies, Gentlemen, and everything in between, October has officially begun in my timezone, and therefore so has Inktober! Let the drawing commence!

I have to admit, I'm so excited for this. It's strange, I might only submit something for the 31st, depending on how I come along with my idea, but it's been a while since I have been so motivated to create. It's such a great idea to do this, thank you so much for being my inspiration! (Any yes I know, what I do is off the road from drawing, but still. I'm excited like a child.)

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For someone who's weakness in drawing is hands, and is having his first stab (badum tish) at drawing, I don't think this is half bad.

Without further ado...


In the future, I A.) Won't be doing hands and B.) Will start earlier then I did. I kinda forgot today.

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Wow, all of these drawings are so good! Here’s mine, the thought process was that spikes give you power, so the word ‘power’ is made of spikes, and that this would fit. Obviously I didn’t know power was already a prompt :P, I guess I’ll think of something else when that day arrives :P.



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