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Hey guys, new here. By the way really like your work Brian! anyways, I was re-reading "Words of Radiance" and towards the end of the book after the the assassin in white is killed, he is revived by one of the heralds and is given a black sword that can talk. this reminded me of the sword from "warbreaker" and also how wit was in that book too. are there any assumptions or theories or lore as to how these two books are connected ?  

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Welcome to the Shard! You've stumbled into a rabbit hole and a half with that connection. That's the cosmere, my friend. Yes, it is the same sword and the same Wit. It's a lot larger than those two worlds, though. There's another Warbreaker/Stormlight connection as well, in Words of Radiance, but that one is subtle. 90% of what happens here on the Shard is related to the cosmere, from theories to questions to outright discussions and hypothetical situations. I'd highly recommend that before diving into the sub-forums you make sure you've read everything in each series or you'll likely get spoiled on some a lot of stuff.

Here's a full list of cosmere material, for the record:


Mistborn 1-6 (7 coming at some point)

Arcanum Unbounded (a collection of the short stories that you should only read after you've read the other books, since it's some of everything.)

Stormlight Archive 1-3 (plus a novella that's SA 2.5. Good to read it before 3, but not necessary.)

Wabreaker (also a second book that'll happen at some point.)


The Emperor's Soul

White Sand (this is three graphic novels)

There's also an unpublished story called Aether of Night that you can only get through this site.

I hope you enjoy your journey through the cosmere and the Shard!

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Welcome to the Shard! Also, welcome to the endless rabbit hole that is the Cosmere. Alice in Wonderland has nothing on the madness here. xD

As mentioned those worlds (and others) are part of a shared setting and we have a good amount of knoweldge about topics like how people get from one world to the other and why some people might choose to do that. Lots of what we know comes from what we call Words of Brandon (or WoBs) which are things he's told us at events, or mentioned online, or signed in our books. Basically, things outside of the actual stories. You can find a link to the archive of these on Arcanum at the top of the page. The same warning Invocation gave you applies there too, there be spoilers aplenty for everything Brandon has written so you probably want to read some more of his books before diving into that particular deep end. We could actually answer some of your questions directly but... we just might break your brain by accident given just how deep that rabbit hole goes and we don't want to throw too much madness at you right away.

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