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Nalthis Round - Wave 1


The light fades. A wind brushes your face. You have arrived in a small alleyway, just off of the movement of a main urban artery. Around you is a city, speckles of bright colour and crowds of movement. The tropical atmosphere is pressing, compared to the cool mists of Scadrial.

"Hallandren," says the white-haired man. "The location of our next stop, and where I need to meet with a contact of mine. I believe he has a way to deal with the peril that we are currently dealing with. Does anyone care to lead the way?"

The prison is right around the corner. Through a few inquiries, however, you discover that your friend's informant has escaped from confinement just a few months ago.

"I'd be a Returned if I knew how it happened," says the guard. "Just a local bruiser, you know, someone who made a wrong decision once and was set to hang. Next thing we know, he's killed his way out of the prison and taken some very valuable property. That we understand, more or less. If a person's skilled enough a cell can't hold 'em. But next thing we know is my buddy sees our prisoner, on his way out of the city. He alerts the guards, no way he'd be able to make it out of here. Somehow the man still gets past us, and those wall workers swear they never let him through. But you're welcome to take a look around, and try to figure out the method by which he got out of Hallandren."

Reminder: the first round will be accessible to hopefully all players. This is the first wave of puzzles. The second wave will be released to teams when certain conditions are met. These puzzles have also been roughly ordered by difficulty.

Nalthis Meta


If there's two things Nalthians love, it's art and history.


(View as spreadsheet.)

Puzzle 1: Word Pile


Nalthians always seem to get their words mixed up.


(View as spreadsheet.)

Puzzle 2: Footnotes


(Always use eventual and most common names, unless otherwise specified.)

Did you know that this person is named after their people? (4)
Did you know that this person obliquely commented about someone's daughter? (5)
Did you know that this character sounds like an enzyme and is a bumbling fool? (Alternate name.) (2)
Did you know that this person's name has an H in it? (5)

Did you know that this person had nothing to do in the palace, and stayed in her chambers? (3)
Did you know that this person bothered the viewpoint character? (3)
Did you know that this person accompanied someone as a lady's maid? (3)
Did you know that this person never played a game with other people? (1)
Did you know this character becomes a mentor figure? (2)

Puzzle 3: Tarachin Superstar


NOTE: Adjacent does not include diagonals. Next to does.

1: Let's play some Tarachin!
2: Sure. What rule variant?
3: How about a Magic Square number arrangement? I'm up for a simpler game.
2: Sounds good to me. I've always liked that version.
3: Same. I've always liked how the colours were arranged on the grid - like a sudoku.
1: I'll go first. Throwing for the square with the only instance of the biggest number...
3: Well, you're way off. Bottom right - and only one point to boot. Red square.
2: My throw. I'll go for a safe square - middle left. Safe because all the adjacent squares have the same point worth, with at least one being worth only one more. 
1: Well done!
3: My turn. Since the rule forbids all three players from landing on the same colour of square in the round, I'll go top left. Same number as the throw just before, though.
1: Going for the jackpot again... blast! Same colour and number as my last throw. At least I'm adjacent to the four-point square this time.
2: Yes! Got the centre square. Three points. And the first time anyone has actually gotten that colour, I believe.
3: Correct. And going for bottom left... got it. Same point and colour as the throw just previous.
1: Maybe this time I'll finally get the four points.
2: With the way you've been playing, I doubt it.
1: Hah! There we are. And I finally get some different coloured points this time - blue.
3: I wonder if anyone will land on a yellow square again. It's only happened once yet.
2: Bah, got a one-pointer.
3: Oops, same here.
1: That's all the throws! Though I believe we're all tied for points, so I'm not sure how we determine the mink for this next part.
2: Calvin's Rule. Interpret the points people have as draws of breakneck to determine the winner, who gets guess first and is called the lord, and more importantly the loser, who is mink.
3: Well, since sets of four count as two pairs, there's a clear winner and loser. Which means...

Mink: Fine, fine, I'll be mink. The seed is the card that begins and ends with the same letter as the first letter of the colour of the square I got in my final throw. Question or peek?
Lord: Question. Are any of the pairs of cards that either begin or end with the same letter on the same side of the triangle (including the corners)?
Mink: Strange question, but... no. All the pairs are on different lines to each other - and when one is on the corner, the other is on the opposite side. Question or peek?
Other: Peek. One of the centre cards on the right side of the triangle. I don't mind which.
Mink: That's revealed to everyone, as per the rules. (And since you can't make up your mind, I won't tell you which of the two side cards I'm revealing.) Hey, it's the card that's in the same position in the deck, when the cards are ordered alphabetically, as my highest scoring square!
Lord: Peek. Card on the top point.
Mink: And that's shared publically, again per the rules... Same number (in REVERSE alphabetical order of cards) as the square with the highest point worth that you landed on, incidentally.
Other: Question. Are the cards at the points of the triangle the only alive ones that we know the first names of?
Mink: Yes! Absolutely.
Lord: Question. In reference to the pairs of side cards, ignoring the corners, is the later card in each pair (later being 'further along the alphabet') always more clockwise?
Mink: Yes. 
Other: Question. Are the corner cards, when taken in alphabetical order, arranged clockwise or counterclockwise?
Mink: Yes or no question.
Other: Clockwise?
Mink: No.
Other: So counterclockwise, then. You could have just said that.
Mink: Yes, but I'm just following the rules.
Lord: The card on the left side of the triangle, just above the bottom corner.
Mink: That one is revealed privately. (whispered) Same number (in alphabetical order of cards) as the point worth of the only yellow square that was landed on.
Lord: Got it! Call.
Other: We've only had a few questions!
Lord: Not changing my mind. Call.
Mink: Well, neither of you are entirely correct, although you have arrangements that fit the units of information that either of you knew about.
Lord: Well, it was a gamble. We both made the mistake of not putting Hatham adjacent to Kholin.
Other: And the winner of this segment is indeterminate again, since you called early!
Lord: We'll just play another round. Who should go first?
Mink: I believe we can use Claincy's Shard rules to find the person who goes first. Select the cards that differ in position between your arrangement and the mink arrangement, and convert it to a Shelldry hand. The winner should take the white cards and go first.

White: How about we make this a little more interesting? Pretend the card at the top is numbered one, and the numbers of the cards get larger going clockwise. The seed is ten. Instead of each having a standard set, let's only take the odd-numbered cards for our arrangements, and convert them into standard pieces.
Black: Sure, I'm down for that. (Conversion is position in deck when ordered alphabetically, to numerical value of cards, where Parshman is one and King is ten?)
Mink: Yes.
Black: How about I start at the top and order counterclockwise? That way we'll get different kinds of pieces on the board.
White: Fine by me. (Since you get worse pieces that way, I don't have an objection.)
Mink: Okay, remember the rules. You can place your cards in a row of spaces (measuring five across) in front of you, parallel to your opponent's row. 'Touching', or next to, includes diagonals and lines between the two rows. Cards can only capture cards of a lower rank, and only does so when they are placed (except for explicit exceptions). And squires can't capture--
White: There aren't any squires in either of our barracks, actually.
Mink: Never mind me, then. White goes first.

White: Soulcaster, second slot from the left.
Black: A card from the best five for a first move is an odd strategy, you know. Usually I'd play a Parshman, but my next lowest-ranked card is Merchant, so I shall play that in the third slot from your left.
White: Highprince, fifth from the left.
Black: ...Pass.
White: And you're lecturing me on odd strategies? King, third slot.
Black: Yes, I am. King's Wit. 
White: Which slot?
Black: Either second or third from your left. Shouldn't matter, either way, since it gives the same result. 
White: It might, you know. I shall move my Highprince to one column to the left of King's Wit (from my point of view). Wit is one tier above Highprince, but since captures only occur when the card is first placed (usually, anyway) then it's not a problem. 
Black: Duelist, my next-lowest card, to (your) right of Wit.
White: I might place my Merchant as well. As far left as I can place it.
Black: Knight opposite Highprince.
White: King's Wit, three spaces to the right of Prince, capturing the only touching card.
Black: ...did you botch that intentionally? Queen next to Wit. I believe that ends the game.
White: Ah, so it does. Or at least it will after another Black move. Well played to you. I guess that pass worked out in the end.
Black: It did, it did. Hey, look how the pieces are arranged on the board!

Pieces (alphabetically):

  • Duelist +1
  • Highprince +2
  • King +3
  • King's Wit +4
  • Knight +1
  • Merchant +5
  • Parshman +2
  • Queen +1
  • Soulcaster +3
  • Squire +3


I will be unavailable for answer checking for a few (2-4) hours after this goes live, so your first few guesses will be unchecked for a little while. Sorry about that.

Signups are now closed, and the Hunt is on. Good luck to all teams!

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Congratulations to Team 3, who has gotten the first solve on Word Pile! The Leaderboard has been updated.

EDIT: And Team 3 benefiting from many active players with another solve on Footnotes.

EDIT 2: Team 2 beginning to catch up by solving Word Pile.

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Storm it all to Ashyn. I just realised I messed something up fairly royally. But you'll find out what eventually. :wacko:

Puzzle 4: Turning Test

Puzzle 5: Vertigo


First Level:

  •  Spook during the Collapse
  •  Adolin, when he started training for the sword
  •  Dalinar's daughter in his twelfth vision (lower bound)
  •  Kaladin, when promoted to squadleader
  •  Troops committed by Dalinar in the Battle of the Tower (in thousands)
  •  Dilaf (at least in appearance)
  •  Dockson's beard
  •  Gates of Luthadel
  •  Kal, treating Miasal


Second Level:

Vertigo Level 2.mp3


Third Level:


(View this segment as a spreadsheet.)


Fourth Level:

(Picross: Only 1 pair of squares are adjacent.)

  3 2 2 1 2 3 3 3 1


Fifth Level:

  • Unityweaver
  • Zealbringer
  • Mercyoracle
  • Farhearer
  • Truthvision
  • Breathzoner
  • Quiltserver
  • Callelder


Final Level:

Remove all repeated letters. One letter is omitted - place it at the end.



By request, a list of solved puzzles chronologically below:

  1. Word Pile - Team 3
  2. Footnotes - Team 3
  3. Word Pile - Team 2
  4. Vertigo - Team 3
  5. Footnotes - Team 2
  6. Turning Test - Team 1
  7. Footnotes - Team 1
  8. Word Pile - Team 1
  9. Vertigo - Team 1
  10. Turning Test - Team 2
  11. Tarachin Superstar - Team 1
  12. Tarachin Superstar - Team 3
  13. Tarachin Superstar - Team 2
  14. Turning Test - Team 3
  15. Nalthis Meta - Team 3
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On 5/29/2019 at 11:00 AM, I am a stick!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said:

wrong planet

A little Wayneism of mine, there.

All puzzles have now been solved at least partially! I would suggest all teams to try to tackle the meta, even if they do not have all the answers, since it may illuminate what you are stuck on.

IMPORTANT CORRECTION: The letter in the bottom left corner of the Tarachin Grid should be J. I apologise to Team 3 in particular for this error that I failed to catch quite a few times.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT CORRECTION: A small change has been made to the meta.

Edited by MetaTerminal
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Team 3 has won the Nalthis round! They have just solved the meta and completed all puzzles. Congratulations to them!

The round will of course remain open for a few more days, hopefully to allow each team to finish - if people would like to sign up, this would also be an opportunity. Once this round is closed the team merger will occur and the second round will go live.

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All teams have now solved all puzzles! The first round is therefore concluded. You may freely discuss this round and provide feedback in the thread if you wish.

I’m going to allow a little break between this and the next round to allow for a few changes and a team merger - Team 1 will be split and put into Teams 2 and 3, since I know a few players will be going inactive and the round is larger. Signups have been reopened.

In addition, if you know you will be inactive for the second round, let me know - you can either drop out or, if you prefer, just let me take it into account for team balancing and be around for however much of the round you can.

The second round will likely go up in some 24 hour’s time.

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For your consideration:

Team 2:

Team 3:

I keep swinging between 'this is unbalanced' and 'it looks fine', so I'd be interested in other's thoughts.
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5 hours ago, Devotary of Spontaneity said:

I can sign up for this round, if more participants are necessary.

Of course!

Do you have a preference for a team? I’m waiting to hear from others whether or not it looks balanced, so that might inform where you are placed, but if you have a specific team you’d like to be on I can try to accomodate that.

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All people have been added to their new PMs. I have pushed back the round release to first thing tomorrow (I'll get it prepared tonight), to allow for everyone to check in to their new PMs and get settled.

If you have not been added to a PM, or are in the wrong team, then let me know!

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Roshar Round - Wave 1


It took only a brief time to travel to the Shattered Plains. (Your guide slyly remarks that the difficulty in movement seems inversely proportional to the drama of your arrival.) If your contact is anywhere, the white-haired man declares, then he'll be here. Somewhere.

"But, in all honesty, he could be anywhere," he finishes. "Even if he's in the Shattered Plains there's still a lot of ground to cover." He gives an eyebrow-waggle as if he is prompting a question to break up the exposition.

It's just easier to play along. "So how do we find him?"

"I have, as per usual, no storming clue. Thankfully there seems to be a number of puzzles laying nearby that may illuminate that for us."

This round's puzzles will be released out of order, mostly for convenience for me. Apologies for the late start. Good luck to both teams!

Roshar Meta


Surgebinders always take three powers from either side.


Puzzle 1: Your Local Library


From Arelon to Tooledoo, in order categorical.

(Note: all parents are shown.)



Puzzle 2: Prices


The exchange rates can be a little strange in these foreign markets.

View this puzzle as a spreadsheet.

Puzzle 3: Tidal Patterns


The celestial bodies are all out of whack right now.

Current Data Set: Last Quarter

Tide Data (Time, Wave Height): (0,0); (0.1, 3); (0.8, 0.2); (1, 0); (1.4, 0); (1.5, 2); (1.6, 0); (2, 0); (3, 0); (3.4, 0); (3.5, 2); (3.6, 0); (4, 0); (4.1, 3); (4.8, 0.2); (5, 0).

Next data set update: suspended indefinitely

Puzzle 4: Holy Hopscotch


Numbers are too heretical, so instead you should call out something entirely different.

( No repeats are used for each symbols - only one kind of each letter, middle outwards.)

  • Someone who doesn't believe in greenhouse gas emissions
  • What separates Rudolph and Blitzer from normal cervidaes
  • Like a king
  • A kind of beverage
  • What you wear so people know who you are
  • A male who guards an entrance or exit
  • Pointed or looked towards
  • A coffee with less drugs in it
  • An old variant of the word for a sudden and forceful stream, or misspelling of a ghost
  • Falls over


Puzzle 5: First Impressions


These pictures are all the way from the Court of the Gods.


Puzzle 6: Places Around Europe


All image credit goes to Google.

1) Nearby Building


2) Town, +E


3) Nearby Building, -L


4) Town, -E


5) Town


6) County, -A


7) Suburb, -R


8) Nearby Building


9) Town, -(last 4 letters)


10) Town, -T, +N


Note: standard symbols are used.

  • 9-1-10
  • 2-3-4-5-10
  • 6-8-7-2-5-7
  • 4-5-2-7-1
  • 10-1-9
  • 7-1-10-8


Puzzle 7: Spawn That Makes You Ponder Yonder


Class: Pandora
Description: Subject appears to be a six-legged, violet-blooded creature with a flexible exoskeleton, found in many forms across the continent. Parts of the creature appear like an insect (e.g. an ant), or a species of fish. It is speculated that the creature has two sets of vocal cords due to its distinctive call, and appears to hunt and prey on many things, much like a robot whose enemy is a potted plant.

Class: Bethab
Description: Subject appears to be a fairly nondescript creature which is widespread across the continent. Additionally, the creature appears to influence the minds of those around it, causing said people to misidentify non-subject objects as the subject. As a result, many varied species of the animal kingdom are referred to as the subject, including a handdrawn pencil sketch of a young girl. 

Class: Agelessness
Description: Subject is a small, clawed creature bearing an exoskeleton that grows from larvae. Though many variants of the subject exist, they have been known to act symbiotically with fauna, to have a transparent outer layer, and to be used as insults. Subject is best served as a dish in a white ceramic bowl.

Class: Ruby
Description: Subject is a long and slimy creature that acts as a pest to agricultural workers in a specific area. The subject will burrow into the ground and incubate itself in grain polyps, which act as a home and food-source for the creatures, to the detriment of the crop. Currently, a specimen named Theodore Blackwood acts as a pet to staff.

Class: Iron
Description: Subject appears similar to an aquatic species found on Earth, but due to extra appendages and air pouches the subject is able to attain flight. This ability is also theorised to be connected to the small arrowhead creatures that surround them. When served as a dish, they tend to have a consistency similar to that of peanut butter.

Class: Talus
Description: Subject is a roughly horse-sized crustacean, which produces an unpleasant smell and has a tendency to sniff and sneeze. The subject bears tusks and can often be found living in packs. It has often been remarked that they look like origami dragons.

Answer to this puzzle: [REDACTED] Herring

Puzzle 8: Drafts


List 1:

  • Origin of Ruin
  • Now without fast food
  • Origin of 'Hemalurgy'
  • Title is a pun
  • Only Cosmere novel named directly after a character (not including nicknames)
  • Obscurely linked with another series
  • A magic that causes hearing loss
  • Published in US by Gollancz
  • Opens with a shipwreck

List 2:

  • Murderer (8)
  • Wife of a pirate (5)
  • A number of digits (7)
  • What Galladon might look like (7)
  • String of pearls, possibly (8)
  • Bagheera, for example (7)
  • Artist's moon (5) 
  • A rare set of triangles (10)
  • Fried, and presented in circular slices (5)


Puzzle 9: Walk Around Town


When travelling, you need to take note of where your guide is.

  1. We start just near a water source. This is an important area, judging by the nearby buildings, and an area of note. Going north, our next focus of attention is a street that has recently been occupied. Instead of continuing on to the stained-glass buildings further north (as they are, in the opinion of the author, not that significant), we change directions, and instead come to a street named after a protagonist, and our next focus. Then we turn again, this time into a side street, coming to a significant site of great bloodshed. Continuing this way, (exiting the street directly opposite where we entered this area) we pass by a building of an important person (or group of people) that is named after them. We take another side street, passing by an important crossroads. Now we turn again, passing an interesting building named for another important person or group, and similar to the last one, before coming to the only bridge in this place that is not named after the street that it is on, in an area renowned for skaa beggars and street informants. After crossing it, we find it easy to return to where we started.
  2. If we pass by a numbered building, you can look up more detail about it in your pamphlets. It's interactive! Right now we are in a coloured place, next to what used to be a water source. If we look back briefly, we can see the lodgings of a fairly important person! We shall stop there briefly. Now let us journey the other way. We come to an important intersection - if we go just past it, then turn, we can follow this street to come close to a significant religious centre. An interesting hypothetical to ponder, but instead there is another direction for the taking, so that place will not be counted. We pass a building that significant for this planet's old government and perhaps somewhat unexpected - much like the coming and going, before nearing the end of our tour at a place that could be misinterpreted as a transport hub, especially if you're a roamer. Finally, we can turn and follow the path of this feature before arriving at the city wall, where this place's number resides.
  3. Welcome back! We begin on the outer edge of town, just by a place named after a personal friend. Now passing a place named after a carriage company, we spy a new construction just ahead of us that is extremely tall. Another named building opposite it is also significant - at least, that's what the beggars told me. Let us continue onwards on our route - we pass just by an office, although it is not directly on our path but just removed from it. As we go by a place full of greenery we know we are close to the end of our journey. Finally, we come to it; the very centre of town, and the last important place we will visit.
  4. Starting at a large dais, we wind down, stopping at a religious place where you might focus on your blood. That will be the last religious building we visit of the ten - our next stop is where the rulers of this city call their lodgings. Next, we descend down through a number of tiers in the city - though I always prefer to refer to them as one place, mainly to annoy a person who plays the instrument - before arriving in a section of the city which is really, really old. Our next stop is a different place, where the defences were broken through, before finally stopping at a place where things are bought and sold without ever being observed.
  5. We start here at the walls of another great city, though not the one that you paid me to show you around, so I shall say no more about it. Let us go east now - we come to the edge of another city, rife with corruption and weapons smugglers. And, finally, we enter into the palace, our final destination for this brief tour.
  6. What better place to start our examination than the Palace, our first port of call? Now, let us go north and east - no, hang on, we have to go south and west, this map is upside-down - to find a place full of people that are resolute. Now, go southeast, before turning east to follow the natural rock formations of the city and arriving to a place where we can purchase things. Now south, again, through the trees, we find two important buildings. The first is where you might pray for a storm. The second is where it might be advantageous to eat certain meals. Continuing south, we pass two more of the buildings that come in sets of ten, before turning to arrive at a place where a witty person might come to find a new perspective and depth of understanding on things.
  7. Row, row, row your boat! Starting at the city gates, we follow the river down into the city, passing many interesting sites along the way. On the right, we see where you might get treatment for an injury. The third place we see is another water source - one it might be safer to drink from. (Though I always find that they are full of dust.) We must depart our vessel when we come to the building that concerns the logistical management of supplies, and travel on foot to a place where a dance took place. There is not much left in this city to see, but we can stop finally at a place that is an homage to the grandfather of a genre.

Puzzle 10: More Hats


Submission rules are the same as last time - whatever medium is most suitable for the specific square. Your team name must be included within the photo/recording/document.



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  1. Team 3 - 135 points
  2. Team 2 - 135 points

Solves, chronologically:

  1. Places Around The World - Team 3
  2. Places Around The World - Team 2
  3. Spawn That Makes You Ponder Yonder - Team 3
  4. Your Local Library - Team 2
  5. Prices - Team 2
  6. Spawn That Makes You Ponder Yonder - Team 2
  7. Drafts - Team 3
  8. Prices - Team 3
  9. Your Local Library - Team 3
  10. Tidal Patterns - Team 3
  11. Tidal Patterns - Team 2
  12. More Hats - Team 2
  13. More Hats - Team 3
  14. First Impressions - Team 2
  15. Holy Hopscotch - Team 3
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Both teams seem to have been receptive towards a hint for Local Library, so here it is.


The puzzle pertains to a specific Sanderson website.

Depending on how things go, I may also release a hint for Puzzle 8.

EDIT: An additional schematic has also been released for Library. The next wave of puzzles will go up some time soon.

EDIT 2: This is your reminder to keep an eye on the clock for Puzzle 3.

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