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It is all in the name


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I have come to the realisation (if someone already had the same idea, sorry) that each order represents the purpose or main feature of each order.

Windrunners - They run across the sky, travelling but also free

Skybreakers - They're the ones who break even a split vote or similar to adhere to the law

Dustbringers - They bring dust/ destruction (don't know enough but following along with the theory)

Edgedancers - The dance on edges, able to be nimble even in tight spots

Truthwatchers - They watch for the truth and know the truth but also watch what they say in regard to it

Lightweavers - They weave light, sound and other waves

Elsecallers - (Idk how to describe this one)

Willshapers - They shape what they want by their own will

Stonewards - They act as wardens who are impossible to move like stone

Bondsmiths - They smith bonds between people and objects

Was this already a concept? If so please add to it. 

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Elscaller can also, apparently, find somebody in the physical world via their Soul on the Shadesmar side.  Ivory wanted to use that method to find the Heralds: "In this world, men can hide easily--but their souls shine to us on the other side." (OB Ch. 47).  It's always possible that any order could use whatever method they are referring to, but I tend to think it's a specific trait of the Elsecallers, which are supposed to be the best of them all at Shadesmar shenanigans: in this case literally Calling Someone Else.



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12 hours ago, Kon-Tiki said:

Each name is also composed of two distinct ideas, which reflects the glyphpair construction the Alethi use. Its why the Dustbringers insisting they're called "Releasers" is so silly. It'd be the only one that doesn't fit the pattern

Personally, while I do agree that Releasers doesn’t fit the naming pattern of the other orders, I think Releasers is a much better name than Dustbringers, because of the Voidbringer similarities. Granted, they could probably come up with a compound word that fits instead of Releasers, but I think Releasers is fine.

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