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I dug through the events and it looks like you attended the Atlanta signing? If so, it probably wasn't transcribed because @Jofwu was also there and we used his (likely because it was uploaded first). I see that not all of the audio snippets have been transcribed, however, so I guess there is still work to be done on this event - between the US holidays and Brandon's million events in the last couple of months, we've fallen behind a bit. I see you've also transcribed your own question, it's just been stuck in the approval queue for a while; I'll try to work my way through some of it tomorrow. But once we are done with this event, if your audio has something jofwu's doesn't, we'll go through it and make sure it's included.

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Thank you

EDIT: Also, because I used my own audio for it (which has several spots of questionable quality) and am not a master at the art of transcribing, it might be worth someone going over it again to double check the quality of the transcription,

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