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Fandom-In-A-Resume Question


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Have a quote from my CV I was recently sending out:


Interests and hobbies
• Animal welfare charity. Together with my fiancée we run a temporary home for cats, to give them place to
stay before they’re given to new owner: www.u-oli.waw.pl
• I’m a huge fan of a fantasy author Brandon Sanderson and, together with his other fans, we created a
website tracking all his interviews: wob.coppermind.net which runs on open software developed almost
exclusively by me: github.com/Palanaeum/palanaeum

If there is anything related to the job you're applying to in that fandom project, you definitely should include it!

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After college, my friends and I described our DnD group as "interpersonal problem-solving training" or similar.  Basically we described all the soft-skills involved (planning, strategy, interpersonal conflict resolution, etc) and just didnt mention that the setting also included elves and gnomes and magic daggers.  Similarly, one friend of mine was in charge of a 300-person, upper-tier WoW raiding guild back in the heyday, and the shear amount of logistics and conflict resolution involved was unquestionably difficult, and made for impressive experience if you described it in business terms. 

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We call LARP "improvisational theater with focus on teamwork and creativity". Helps when someons asks what you have done the weekend and you don't want to answer: I've been fighting orcs and killing demons. In my experience there are always people tend to react bad to that hobby, especially at work.

But to really answer your question: which fandom are you talking about? Or if you don't want to talk about it, can you at least sum up what you are doing there? Principally "teamwork" could work, or maybe "creativity" as well. "Research"? And then construct something like "network" or "group" around and you should end up with an alright description. It really depends on how much you want to soften what you are doing and who you are talking to. @Ooktapus The Fierce

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