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New picture of a Shard we haven't met


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So I finally got my copy of Skyward from the US today, and as per, I will always ask Brandon for some information about a shard we haven't seen yet, and he gave me the following info this year...


I have two possible ideas with this, feel free to pick at them though!


1) Brandon is referencing Bavadin, and possibly suggesting that there are six separate entities or aspects to Autonomy

2) It's the eyes, nostrils and front fangs of a Dragon




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53 minutes ago, Pagerunner said:

Man, he is such a tease.

I like the dragon interpretation. I wouldn't have seen it on my own, but now that you mention it, I can definitely see that face.

Its because he said 'picture', not symbol, like the one we have seen for Harmonium...makes me see a face...

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I like the idea of it being a dragon face.

Especially since I have no other ideas. XD  

I feel like this is an inkblot test, "What do you see?"

Tornado.  Birds flying in a V formation. Things getting smaller the closer they get together. Perspective?  A mostly invisible skeleton with 6 ribs showing.

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It just looks like a bunch of mirrored P's to me (d's/b's/q's as well I guess). Shard of Reflection? Shard of Purity (or any other P-word) that has been splintered into 6 pieces? Shard of DQ? Shard of Dairy Queen? Shard of the Blizzard? Oh my God, it's Frost, the Dragon!!!

Wow, 700 posts, who knew?

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I don't have my Cosmere star chart handy, but maybe we should be giving it a closer look?

Edit: Found a link to the image; Hmm, The "Dragon" in the Scar constellation could be what is depicted if you looked at it straight on. It doesn't seem to match up with any of the constellations which is what I was originally thinking. 


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Added in the star chart.
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Clearly that is a dragon's head with a snout (the bottom symbols) and they have long ears (the top ones) and are wearing sunglasses (the middle) making them the coolest dragon since the Dragonaught. B)

On 11/17/2018 at 7:21 AM, Quantus said:

Powerful beings with multiple stacked sets of eyes, Im having Denarian flashbacks...

High-five for the reference. My thought was that if you had one more eye on the right you'd get the symbol of SEELE from Neon Genesis Evangelion but yours fits better with what's actually there.

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